Diet by Color

In the plant world, color and hue rule in terms of disease-fighting capability. Each color represents different benefits and the deeper the color, the more benefit there is. 

A New You In the New Year

Why is it that health clubs are packed in January and by March are back to normal?

Wauconda the New Chocolate Town?

The aroma of roasting cocoa beans has been wafting down Main Street in Wauconda lately, thanks to the Puna Chocolate Co., a farm-to-table provider that grows its own cacao on the Big Island of Hawaii and sells chocolate online at as well as through its new Wauconda store.

January 2018 Around Town

Michael Drelicharz, owner of Wireless Zone of Barrington, has a teenage daughter who recently earned her driver’s license. Like many parents in the area, he’s anxious when she drives. While Drelicharz trusts his daughter, he knows that there are many variables when driving a car, especially during inclement weather, for which a 16-year old lacks experience, such as: 

A Career That Started with Baking Bread with Dad

John Havlis, Executive Chef at HarborChase of Long Grove, an assisted living community that officially opens this month, recently took some time from his busy schedule to share how he got started in the business of creating memorable meals.

Farm to Table in Style

Opening a wine bar had been Bob Kryscha’s dream for years. While buying some fresh fish from Franco’s Pescheria less than a year ago, he learned that Franco’s was planning to relocate. After quickly discussing with family, Kryscha seized the opportunity and launched into transforming the space into a sophisticated-yet-
comfortable, intimate wining and dining spot, bringing inspiration from several of…

Trainer Confessional

STRONG VS SKINNY… MELLOW VS METAL… SNACKING ON THE RUN… QUICK HITS FROM 3 SW LAKE FITNESS GURUS. Lillian Halloran is a highly regarded local Fitness Instructor with a broad following throughout the area. Alex Apostol, Personal Trainer at Restoration Fitness, has overcome serious chronic illness to become an active competitor in strongman competitions. Linda Donner is a Martial Arts…


 Beer Name: The Hallows  Brewery: Buffalo Creek Brewing  Style: Russian Imperial Stout

Wauconda Turkey Trot

The Wauconda Turkey Trot again attracted huge crowds to Main Street. Sponsored by STAR Charities, a record-breaking $21,370 was raised in support of the local Food Pantry. Local businesses generously helped provide a full day of activities to feed, host, and entertain young military recruits for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Five Secrets for an Energized, Engaged and Fulfilling 2018

2018 is yours for the taking. It’s time to kick the fad diet and workout programs to the curb. They are short-term solutions to long-term health and fitness problems. Let me put it to you like this: Nobody wants to lose 10 pounds only to gain 15 pounds back. But that’s what most people do every year, right? Not you.…

Good Health is a Family Affair in Barrington

Doctoring is the family business for Nick and Delphine Deignan. But their pathways to this family line of work took notably different courses until they found themselves training together in college in Georgia.