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Citizens for 
20th Annual 
Native Plant Sale

Volunteers needed 
everyone is welcome! Native plant knowledge is helpful, but not necessary, and new volunteers are warmly welcomed. If you've volunteered in the past, you know your efforts are important and appreciated. Whether you can devote a few hours or a few days, we truly hope to see you all!

Citizens For Conservation News and Upcoming Native Plant Sale for Fall

On the morning of June 9, 2015, Jim Bodkin and George Pierce of Citizens for Conservation with Robert Sliwinski, the original engineer of the rookery structure, paddled to the Bakers Lake Rookery in Barrington to complete the annual nesting bird count. Final conclusions are pending, but data shows that they found nests of three Black Crowned Night Herons, two Great…

Citizens for Conservation
Sets New Record

The Citizens for Conservation Native Plant, Shrub and Tree Sale set new records this year during its annual sale. According to Plant Sale Chairman Ginger Underwood, gardeners from the greater Barrington area, and many communities in Northern Illinois, the North Shore, suburbs south of Chicago, as far west as Rockford and from Wisconsin bought record numbers of native plants for…

Explore Nearby Nature Together

Citizens for Conservation is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to environmental preservation and restoration of the wider biodiversity that once covered northeast Illinois. CFC is based in Barrington, Illinois where the organization owns and carefully manages over 415 acres in 11 property locations.