Bahamas Bounce Back

In San Salvador a white cross marks the spot in the Bahamas where Christopher Columbus supposedly first landed in the New World. He didn't stay long, however, being intent on finding riches elsewhere.

Long Grove Beauty is Quiet, Relaxing and Homey

Sometimes it’s good to be the Builder…especially when building your own home while developing a new neighborhood in SW Lake County. 

Travel Green

As travelers reach the far corners of the world, they are faced with the responsibility to preserve the fragile environments they visit. This idea of traveling responsibly is called Eco-tourism, conscientious travel to protect the environment and nourish its cultures. Here are some guidelines to help make the right decisions to positively affect the world you visit:

Romantic Santorini

Plan your Romantic Getaway to the Historic Island in the Aegean Sea Article Nicolette Martin Stay: Sun Rocks Boutique Hotel Sun Rocks Boutique Hotel is considered one of Santorini’s most romantic hotels. The elegant couples-only cliffside hideaway—named a Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice 2018 award winner—features luxe, minimalist rooms and suites carved into the side … Continued

Britain: Take the Cobblestones Less Traveled

You may fancy seeing the smashing sights in London, but you can experience the undiscovered places telling the true stories of Britain’s green hills and seaside cliffs. Beyond London there are winding paths and windswept moors ready to be discovered. Learn of legends and lore from bustling squares to peaceful pastures, from classic castles to quaint cottages, and crashing waves…

What’s Hot for Travel in 2019

World travel is expected to continue expanding and evolving in 2019.  Where and how you travel is a social marker that identifies you and connects you to the world. 

Couple Launches Clubby New Men’s Grooming Services in Deer Park

A new men’s grooming salon has opened in Deer Park, launched by Kelly and Frank Difino of Long Grove. The Gent’s Place has the look and feel of a club, more than just another barber shop. Publisher Michael Beightol interviewed Kelly recently to share their story.

Authenticity is the Most Important Food Trend

Wandering into Neoteca in Barrington one early morning the founder of this Hough Street restaurant was nowhere to be found while a pot of beets simmered away on a stove.

Ireland’s GoT Game (of Thrones)

Missing Game of Thrones this year?  Whether or not you are a fan of the hit show, you would certainly be a fan of the inspiring destinations where much of it is filmed.

My Amazing Kauai Adventure

In late September of 2017, Dana Innocenti of Lake Zurich Travel was invited to become one of only 300 Kauai Master Specialists. Here is an account of her visit to Hawaii’s oldest and northernmost island.

Travelling Safely in Today’s World

To many people, the world feels like a more dangerous place now than a decade ago. It seems every time we turn to the news recently we find difficult stories about hurricanes, viruses, earthquakes, travel warnings, forest fires, or terrorism. As citizens of the information age, we are constantly subjected to frequent, large-scale amounts of data. There are tremendous benefits…

The Passion Play: Every Ten Years, Once in a Lifetime

In the charming alpine hamlet of Oberammergau, and in faithful accordance with a solemn vow, villagers will once again perform The Passion Play in 2020, just as they have every 10 years since 1634. Steeped in history, the event is regarded as the most important passion play in the world. The honored tradition has been performed with little interruption for…

Traveling with Pets

Family pets are often a big part of the family, and it's hard to leave those pals behind when you head out of town. With these simple tips, your pet won't have to miss out on one fun moment of the family's big vacation!

Planning a Destination Family Reunion

What better way to gather loved ones than at a family reunion? Planning a family reunion can become complicated, especially a reunion involving lots of people. Experienced reunion planners recommend that families begin planning for a reunion a year or so in advance.

Discover the Hidden Havens of Thailand 

Thailand is known for its unparalleled blazing-blue water and pristine beaches, freckled with rocky islands and hemmed by emerald jungle. Yet this Southeast Asian country teems with undiscovered hidden corners. Here is an “Off the beaten track” exploration of three regions all too often overlooked by travelers.

April 2017 Travel Destination

Now more than ever, people are traveling in search of authenticity. They no longer wish to simply visit a destination; instead, they yearn for a deeper sense of understanding and connection. Not content to just visit Paris, bucket list travelers now want wine and cheese pairings or pastry baking workshops. Rather than wishing to see Peru, travelers now dream of…

Discovering Castles in Scotland

Scottish Castles have long been associated with romance and excitement, and the green fields of Scotland are rife with them. From the Highlands to Dumfries and Galloway, they range from relics of the 12th century to fine stately homes designed by great 18th century architects, each making you feel that you have stepped right into a fairytale.

Something Different for Travel in 2017

A New Year means it’s time to start planning your next dream trip. Here are some recommendations for Life-Changing Journeys Around the World:

Music and Activities Abound on World’s Largest Cruise Ships

Endless options for family fun, diverse dining and entertainment are cornerstones of the new class of mega-cruise ships. You can even find the best in musical entertainment at sea. I’ve sailed on 60+ cruises, so here are highlights of the best of the best.


If you've ever had the good fortune to visit the Hawaiian Islands, you most certainly are grateful for the memories. I have visited all of the islands over the years, and there have been so many wonderful experiences it is hard to choose favorites. They are all so wonderful in their own way. Here are some of my personal highlights: