Home Automation: Easier Than You’d Think, Better Than You’d Imagine

 SW Lake: What’s your experience in home automation?  Erick Olech: ECO Automated Designs was founded in 2015 to serve the home technology needs of Chicagoland families. We are a full-service company offering design, product sales, installation and system maintenance. We are a Control4 premier dealer, and never sub-contract work to other vendors. I got my start in 2003 at Tweeter…

America’s Addiction To Cellphones

In a recent effort to show the obsession behind cellphone usage, New Theory Magazine released an infographic showcasing the latest data to back up America’s cellphone usage addiction. There is no denying this generation has a problem. Numbers do not lie. To say that we are, “attached”, is officially an alarming understatement. Individuals have become reliant on staying connected.

Digital Detox

Quiz: This is a good way to start the dialog—it’s not an official diagnosis. If you felt these questions were positive it might be 
worth talking to a professional. 1. Do you feel that your time spent on the computer or on your phone is out of control? Have a tough time controlling your time. 2. Do you get annoyed…