Handcrafted Spirits in Lake Zurich

SW Lake: What was it about Copper Fiddle that attracted you?

Winning More Than Medals

The team of three is poised, each intently watching the prior team finish a routine. It has taken months of training, two days of driving and hours of preparation to get ready for this show and they want to know what the competition is like. Then as the announcer’s voice booms calling them to the arena, the team tenses. It’s…

Winter is Coming… So Get Out and Play

Wilmot Mountain, up Route 12, is a place where generations of Lake County families have enjoyed the very best of winter.

A Guy’s Gotta Have A Place to Hang

 Article Michael Beightol | Photography Michael Beightol & Stephen Neilson  Guys need a place to hang out. It's essential to our character. Everybody needs a safe space to just be themselves.  

Where There’s Smoke

He flashed four blades at me right off the bat… and that was just to say hello. Jeff Creswell, the new chef at Lindy’s Landing in Wauconda, is so enthusiastic about creating a great dining experience that he wears a bold tattoo of the razor sharp tools-of-his-trade on his arm.

Classic BBQ with a Twist Rocks Lake Zurich

Is the art of well-prepared BBQ close to your heart (and your taste buds)? Do you love the eighties and old-school classic rock? If so, check out Rock ’N Ribs in Lake Zurich. This pristine little gem is tucked away next to Lake Zurich Travel & Cruise at 463 Rand Road (southwest corner of Route 12 and Route 22).
This is…

La Malinche: Here To Stay

If the newly-opened La Malinche Bar and Grill strikes a familiar note, it is with good reason. This family-owned Mexican restaurant has moved to its permanent home on Rand Road after the owners previously operated a restaurant on Liberty Street for six years.