No Time Like Now for an Estate Plan

 #1  Everyone has something in common—you can’t take it with you when you die. Besides planning for asset distribution, an estate plan can help you accomplish other important goals regarding financial planning, care of your family, and even the management of your business.  #2

Be Alert for Opportunities When Preparing for College Costs

Summer is winding down, and the kids are back-to-school. When children are young, logistics for the new academic year may involve little more than a trip to buy school supplies. But to send kids (or grandkids) to college someday, be prepared to plan far ahead to meet the financial demands. And, as part of that planning, be on the lookout…

Eco-Friendly Investment Options

Your values are important to you – and so are your investments. And you don’t have to keep these two parts of your life separate if you pursue sustainable investing.

Don’t Let Your Investments Go On “Vacation”

 Article Provided by Mark Hornok  It’s vacation season! Americans spend a lot on their summer getaways – over $100B in 2017 per Travel and Leisure magazine. One part of your life should never take a break – your investments.  To keep them working efficiently for you, consider these suggestions:

Stampeding Bull Market May Slow Down … So Be Prepared

As you know, we’ve been enjoying a long period of steadily rising stock prices. Of course, this bull market won’t last forever – and when it does start losing steam, you, as an investor, need to be prepared.

Your Retirement Savings: What You Should Know About Required Withdrawls

You may spend decades contributing to your IRA and 401(k). But, eventually, you’ll need to use this money. Before that day arrives, you’ll want to be familiar with the rules governing withdrawals – and you’ll want to know just how much you should take out.

Can You “Futureproof” Your Life?

One thing most people agree on: insurance isn’t fun! Many dread the prospect of speaking to their insurance agents. Do you find it difficult to pick up the phone, even to make a minor change like adding a new vehicle to your policy? There could be many reasons why you might feel this way. Is it difficult to reach your…

“Millenials” in Good Position to Invest for the Future

If you were born anywhere from 1982 to 2001, or within a few years of this range, you are considered a “Millennial.” As a member of this group, you share many things—cultural references, familiarity with technology, attitudes toward work and family—with others your age. And if you’re one of the “older” Millennials, you and your peers have something else in…

Renter’s Insurance Article

Do you rent the home or apartment in which you live? If so, have you ever wondered how your stuff is covered in the event of a loss such as a fire or a break in? This is something many of us don’t think about until it’s too late and one of those things has just happened to us. In…

Is Your Portfolio “Healthy”?

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. If you can exercise regularly, you’ll help yourself feel better, control your weight and even reduce the chances of developing certain diseases. But why not extend the concept of “fitness” to other areas of your life – such as your investment portfolio?