Diet by Color

In the plant world, color and hue rule in terms of disease-fighting capability. Each color represents different benefits and the deeper the color, the more benefit there is. 

Wauconda the New Chocolate Town?

The aroma of roasting cocoa beans has been wafting down Main Street in Wauconda lately, thanks to the Puna Chocolate Co., a farm-to-table provider that grows its own cacao on the Big Island of Hawaii and sells chocolate online at as well as through its new Wauconda store.

A New You In the New Year

Why is it that health clubs are packed in January and by March are back to normal?

January 2018 Around Town

Michael Drelicharz, owner of Wireless Zone of Barrington, has a teenage daughter who recently earned her driver’s license. Like many parents in the area, he’s anxious when she drives. While Drelicharz trusts his daughter, he knows that there are many variables when driving a car, especially during inclement weather, for which a 16-year old lacks experience, such as: 

A Career That Started with Baking Bread with Dad

John Havlis, Executive Chef at HarborChase of Long Grove, an assisted living community that officially opens this month, recently took some time from his busy schedule to share how he got started in the business of creating memorable meals.


 Beer Name: The Hallows  Brewery: Buffalo Creek Brewing  Style: Russian Imperial Stout

Trainer Confessional

STRONG VS SKINNY… MELLOW VS METAL… SNACKING ON THE RUN… QUICK HITS FROM 3 SW LAKE FITNESS GURUS. Lillian Halloran is a highly regarded local Fitness Instructor with a broad following throughout the area. Alex Apostol, Personal Trainer at Restoration Fitness, has overcome serious chronic illness to become an active competitor in strongman competitions. Linda Donner is a Martial Arts…

Wauconda Turkey Trot

The Wauconda Turkey Trot again attracted huge crowds to Main Street. Sponsored by STAR Charities, a record-breaking $21,370 was raised in support of the local Food Pantry. Local businesses generously helped provide a full day of activities to feed, host, and entertain young military recruits for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Five Secrets for an Energized, Engaged and Fulfilling 2018

2018 is yours for the taking. It’s time to kick the fad diet and workout programs to the curb. They are short-term solutions to long-term health and fitness problems. Let me put it to you like this: Nobody wants to lose 10 pounds only to gain 15 pounds back. But that’s what most people do every year, right? Not you.…

Good Health is a Family Affair in Barrington

Doctoring is the family business for Nick and Delphine Deignan. But their pathways to this family line of work took notably different courses until they found themselves training together in college in Georgia.

Your Retirement Savings: What You Should Know About Required Withdrawls

You may spend decades contributing to your IRA and 401(k). But, eventually, you’ll need to use this money. Before that day arrives, you’ll want to be familiar with the rules governing withdrawals – and you’ll want to know just how much you should take out.

A Season of Light, 
A Season of Gifts

As the season of gifts enters in all its bright, tinsel-tangled glory, and landscape painter’s palettes (and my camera’s lens) disproportionately fill with the color white (with a few extra dollops of bright red and hunter green for accent), it can be a jolt to find yourself on the needing-to-be-receiving side of the holidays… even when it’s just the small and common things…

December 2017 Around Town

Dozens of cycling enthusiasts gathered at Main Street Outfitter (MSO) in Wauconda for their Annual Day of the Dead Ride, biking to Bang's-Lake-area hangouts and stopping for a sip at several of the area's finest bars and brewpubs in full Day-of-the-Dead costumes. (Can you spot SWL Publisher Michael Beightol in the group photo?)

2018 GMC Terrain: A Gift That Keeps On Giving

December is the month of giving, and General Motors is generous and timely with their rollout of the redesigned 2018 GMC Terrain. I was enthralled when I took it for spin; it’s a vehicle all too easy to fall in love with.

December 2017 Good Times

Resoration Fitness in Lake Zurich at its recent Client Appreciation Party held a "Pushups for Charity" event that raised more than $10,000 
for the Jeffrey Pride Foundation, a Barrington charity that raises money for pediatric cancer research. Owner Sean Lee and his team 
helped pumped up the energy at the event. 

Mathnasium Opens New Educational Facility 

Mathnasium opened its new educational facility in Wauconda last month celebrated by the ribbon-cutting fanfare of the Wauconda Chamber of Commerce and a supportive crowd of its members. Mathnasium is currently enrolling students for its first classes; for more information visit or call 224.993.0526.

Born From Tragedy, Shane’s Foundation Is Saving Children’s Lives

In 2011 my life was irrevocably changed when my family lost our 2-year-old son, Shane, to a furniture tip-over accident.

Beer From Here

 Name: Chiberian Warmer  Brewery:  Flesk Brewing Co., in Barrington Ice House  ABV: 8.0

Holiday Gift Guide

1. Threads, S. Main Street, Wauconda,, 847.526.2058: This She + Sky Faux Fur Layered Jacket will be your "go-to" coat for the Holiday season! Available in black or cream colors for $50. Shell is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester; Lining is 100% polyester.  Warm and stylish when the weather gets cold!  Accessorize with these La Vie Parisienne Earrings made…

Morkes Chocolates opens new site in Long Grove

Morkes Chocolates recently opened its third location in Long Grove, at the site formerly occupied by the Long Grove Confectionery Company.  Owner Rhonda Morkes Dehn is excited about the local response to having a new chocolate maker in town.

November 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Welcome to November and our second annual "Gratitude" issue. Here are a few reasons why those of us around SW Lake Co. might take pause to express our thanks this month.

November 2017 Around Town

A local doctor, Denise Casey, has joined the ranks of successful women that include former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg when she was recently honored with an ATHENA Award.

Travelling Safely in Today’s World

To many people, the world feels like a more dangerous place now than a decade ago. It seems every time we turn to the news recently we find difficult stories about hurricanes, viruses, earthquakes, travel warnings, forest fires, or terrorism. As citizens of the information age, we are constantly subjected to frequent, large-scale amounts of data. There are tremendous benefits…

Can You “Futureproof” Your Life?

One thing most people agree on: insurance isn’t fun! Many dread the prospect of speaking to their insurance agents. Do you find it difficult to pick up the phone, even to make a minor change like adding a new vehicle to your policy? There could be many reasons why you might feel this way. Is it difficult to reach your…

Highland Pines Has It All in Long Grove

The grand foyer of 6235 Pine Tree Drive in Highland Pines of Long Grove boasts a number of spectacular architectural features. A white eat-in kitchen has a large island, newer stainless appliances and opens to a sunny deck. The family room has a wet bar and floor-to-ceiling windows. A main level office has French doors and a view of the…

November 2017 Healthy Lifestyle

As the holiday season nears there is often a common concern: weight gain. Some will say "not this year" yet still gain a couple pounds, and then others have the "it's inevitable" mindset. Both approaches serve a purpose, but produce the same result of gaining weight.

The Climb

As I walked up the driveway to meet the Hawthorn Woods resident who has summited the highest mountain on five continents and skied to both the North and South poles, ticking off seven of the nine “Explorer’s Grand Slam” conquests (accomplished by only 58 people in the world), I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – but was hopeful that…

Floating Away on a Dream

It was peaceful walking in the front door, leaving behind the traffic, noise and stress of a busy Rand Road. That’s all part of the plan, according to Jennifer Wyton, owner of Epic Float in Lake Zurich, an innovative float therapy salon that opened earlier this year. The next impression was how clean it is. Spotless. Considering how float therapy…

CWC Sets Big, Audacious Goals

Caring Women’s Connection (CWC), a Lake County based 501c3 charity, celebrated its 59th anniversary in September by setting an audacious goal: raise $100,000 over the next year with every penny to be spent on women and children in need in Lake County. Through a mix of social activities, fundraisers and volunteer opportunities, Caring Women’s Connection provides local women with fun…

A Few Parting Words on Gratitude

Gratitude. A November issue of any publication would not be complete without some mention of gratitude. And although Thanksgiving is a time when people reflect on what they are most thankful for, gratitude is a feeling that could serve us well if practiced throughout the year.

BEER from here

SW Lake Lifestyle is pleased to launch our new “Beer From Here” feature, focusing on unique local breweries and their brews. We kick it off with an outstanding brew from Roaring Table.

The Fields are Alive (with Bees)

Brian Thomson started keeping bees as a 12 year old in Michigan. At one point he had 10 hives producing 1,000 pounds of honey each year. Now, he's started a bee collective, Honey Lake Bee Co., helping area families start their own hives. To learn more, visit

Happy Happy Joy Joy

October is our first anniversary issue. It’s been a year since we undertook the takeover/makeover of SW Lake Lifestyle. What a year it’s been. We chucked the old way of doing things to focus on two straight-forward goals:

Winter is Coming

You don’t have to be a fan of “Game of Thrones” to understand the headline on this page. Those of us in SW Lake County know full well that October is a good time to get our vehicles ready for winter weather. We turned to Mark Wolfe, owner of John’s Complete Auto Service in Wauconda, for some advice before winter…

Classic Fashion With A Twist

LUXE Wearhouse is spacious, stylish, comfortable, and full of light, with inviting seating areas and meticulously arranged, attractive displays of clothing and accessories. Marcy, Annie and Ashley took time to model some of their fall lineup for SW Lake Lifestyle.

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

It's Homecoming season, and when better to get your garb an upgrade to root for the home team in style? Threads fans recently cheered on the High School Homecoming parade in Wauconda (Go Bulldogs!) in an array of sportstastic gear supporting teams known and loved in SW Lake territory, and showed they've got the spirit to take one (home) for…

October 2017 Around Town

Treetime Christmas Creations, 22102 N. Pepper Road, Lake Barrington, is officially open for the holidays. With more than 200 pre-lit, unlit and LED-lit artificial Christmas trees, along with unique ornaments, lights, trim and outdoor decorations in a family atmosphere, the showroom is creatively divided into 13 new themed areas designed to provide decorating inspiration and holiday spirit.

Window Treatments: They Do More than Open or Close

Many people think window treatments are only for aesthetics or privacy, but they are used for more than that. While they do beautify a home and can block unwanted visual intrusions, shades and blinds can control light, contribute to energy efficiency, and help with home security.

Windy City Bulls Celebrate Season Opening with SW Lake

SW Lake Lifestyle and the Windy City Bulls gave a group of readers a chance of a lifetime to help kick-off the team’s preseason.
Joined by Bob Love, legendary Bulls player and NBA great, and his wife, Rachel Dixon, the evening’s activities included food, drink and introductions to the team’s front office, including Team President Brad Seymour. 
To cap off the…

The Rebirth of a Country Club

The venerable Wynstone neighborhood, just past the corner of Miller and Rand Roads in North Barrington, has always had what some refer to as a wow factor: beautiful homes, ultra-spacious yards, winding roads surrounding the only Jack Nicklaus designed golf course in Illinois and an imposing two-story club house with a lively swimming pool across the way from one of…

Lake Zurich Chamber Earlybirds Enjoy 
”Business Before Hours” Breakfast

A cross-section of earlybird Lake Zurich Chamber members enjoyed an informal breakfast gathering at Co-Optim in Deer Park. 
In addition to enjoying a wonderful breakfast spread, with lots of healthy options and strong coffee, the crowd shared insights, 
made new business connections and started the day right.

Good-bye is Never Easy

The end of the summer is always a little bittersweet. The days get shorter as shadows grow longer. As the temperature drops sweaters are dug out from closets again. After the last hurrah of the summer – Labor Day weekend – means a return to work and school and making sure the goals for the year are met.

Family Ties

Daniel Marquardt still remembers his first day of work with the Marquardt Buick and GMC dealership in Barrington. He was 13 years old, and had begged his father for the previous two years to let him come to work. Finally his father caved in, and brought him to the dealership. He introduced Daniel to the Service Director, and said, “Tell…

September 2017 Around Town

The Wauconda Area Chamber of Commerce, local business leaders, and dance students recently celebrated completion of the Dance Center’s second season and the launch of its new Fall schedule of classes, beginning September 5 and running through January 14. Owner Kelly Kledzik and her team of instructors teach a broad range of dance styles for all ages (toddlers through adults)…

The Passion Play: Every Ten Years, Once in a Lifetime

In the charming alpine hamlet of Oberammergau, and in faithful accordance with a solemn vow, villagers will once again perform The Passion Play in 2020, just as they have every 10 years since 1634. Steeped in history, the event is regarded as the most important passion play in the world. The honored tradition has been performed with little interruption for…

You’re So Far Away

To my big sister, My earliest memory of you is Britney Spears. Remember how obsessed we were? You used to dress me up in this purple velvet jumpsuit we had lying around our basement, and you would choreograph dances for me to “...Baby One More Time” and “Oops!... I Did it Again.”

Mind over Muscle: How to Create Success, Happiness, Freedom and the Life You Deserve

This saved me. My family. My business. My sanity. And it may just save you, too. 
Despite my advocacy for the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of exercise and healthy eating I was depressed. Day after day I poured every ounce of my soul into helping my clients achieve better health and wellness. But when it came to my life…

“Millenials” in Good Position to Invest for the Future

If you were born anywhere from 1982 to 2001, or within a few years of this range, you are considered a “Millennial.” As a member of this group, you share many things—cultural references, familiarity with technology, attitudes toward work and family—with others your age. And if you’re one of the “older” Millennials, you and your peers have something else in…

Spotlight on STAR Charities

STAR Charities is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 2003 by Progressive Components, a company based in Wauconda that develops and distributes mold components for the production tooling industry worldwide. The STAR acronym stands for “Sharing Time and Resources”, and the organization actively does just that, sponsoring and co-sponsoring a range of special events each year to raise money…

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

Summer has a seductive way of warping both space and time. In its best moments, when leisure beckons, it’s easy to ease into that sunny porch swing and watch the flowers grow and bathe in summer’s warm glow. Time melts, like Salvador Dali’s watch.