The Power of the Ballot is In Voter’s Hands

February is a good time for registered voters to be sure they’re ready for the March 17 primary. Go to to see if your voter registration record is up-to-date.

Anyone needing to register for the first time should visit for qualifying requirements and in-person, online, or by mail registration options.

Lake Co. Clerk Robin M. O’Connor is encouraging Lake County registered voters to vote by mail, including students away at school, snowbirds and anyone out of town on Election Day. Learn how to vote by mail at

Oops! Correcting a Story from Last Month

Due to a proofreading error at deadline the first name of Angela Romy, co-owner of Happki, a Deer Park Town Center retailer that specializes in educational and skill-building toys, was misspelled. SW Lake Lifestyle regrets the error. Learn more about the store Angela and her husband, Mauricio, opened last year by visiting

Be Protected from a Whooping Cough Outbreak

Last year the Lake Co. Health Department investigated 151 cases of pertussis (also known as whooping cough) – an increase from the previous two years. Symptoms of pertussis usually develop five to 10 days after exposure. Early symptoms of pertussis include runny nose, low-grade fever, mild coughing and apnea.

Later-stage symptoms include fits of rapid coughs followed by a high-pitched “whoop” sound, as well as vomiting and exhaustion after coughing fits. Anyone showing symptoms of pertussis should avoid going to school or work until they are evaluated by a healthcare provider and/or appropriate treatment is provided.

The best way to protect against pertussis is by getting vaccinated. The Health Department offers the DTaP and Tdap vaccinations by appointment at its Community Health Centers throughout Lake Co. To make an appointment, call (847) 377-8800.

Lake Zurich School Defacement Dealt with Quickly

Despicable, sad and infuriating were all terms used by residents discovering during the holidays that Seth Paine Elementary School was defaced with graffiti. Passersby noticed the graffiti, including a swastika, and called police. Once evidence was collected District 95 employees steam cleaned the wall on the school’s east side.

Kelley Galtt, Superintendent of District 95 Schools, said: “Based on my experiences with multiple stakeholders, including students, staff, and families, I am certainly shocked that this type of crime would take place within the boundaries of District 95, most especially during a time of holiday celebrations and joy for many cultures. While I do not believe that these messages of hate define our community, it is important for each of us to stand up against behaviors such as these. We are an inclusive, friendly and loving community and should expect all individuals living in or visiting our district community to celebrate all that makes us unique and good. It is important to me that our district learning community understand that we will not tolerate hate messages nor actions of hate.”

Lake Co. Urges Drivers to Pack an Emergency Supply Kit

Resolve to stay safe this winter. The Lake Co. Division of Transportation encourages all residents to keep an emergency kit in cars. Pack jumper cables, tow rope, sand, flashlight, small shovel, travel blanket and ice scraper.

Drivers are encouraged to:

  • Keep gas tank full. This helps prevent fuel line freezing.
  • Install good winter tires with adequate tread.
  • Beware of icy conditions, drive at lower speeds and brake slowly. Be careful of intersections, ramps, bridges and shaded roads.
  • Don’t crowd the plow. A snowplow operator’s vision is restricted.

Holiday Gathering a Tradition in Long Grove & Kildeer

The Neighbors and Newcomers Chapter of Long Grove & Kildeer gathered during the holidays for their annual gift exchange. Enjoying the holiday fellowship were Margie Federer, Marlene Riehn, Anne Spiteri, Ille Sutt, GiGi Wernikoff, Pam Ferreira, Pam Pasminski, Jean Lewis, Annis Guenther and Gerri Campbell. Neighbors and Newcomers is a social organization that welcomes new people to the community while nurturing on-going and long-term friendships for anyone in Long Grove and  Kildeer. Follow them on Facebook (@newcomers.LG.KL).