Style is a big part of my life. It was an honor to be approached about being the Guest Publisher for the annual Style issue of SW Lake Lifestyle. I can honestly say in my work as an interior designer it’s a thrill every time I start a new project. The process of meeting new people, helping people define their personal style, and working to help clients better their lives is intriguing every time. Whether it’s continuing a style journey with an existing client or starting with somebody new, I understand the responsibility that has been bestowed upon me when helping a client define their style as seen in their home.

Always my advice is to keep an open mind. Styles are fluid. Trends change. We change as people. Needs change. Families change. My profession is so much more than helping you find your style and designing spaces in your home. I genuinely want your design to make a difference in your life. We want you to be thrilled with your space and the process, have it bring you joy and see it last for years to come. It has been a privilege to know how style and good design have enriched my client’s lives.

Style takes many forms, some of which are reflected in this issue, including my story titled “What’s Your Style?”. We hope you also find helpful, useful and informative other stories in these pages: examining the stylish colors and vibrant culture of Peru; learning how automation brings stylish tech into homes; enjoying a peek inside a stately Long Grove home; and, since style is also wearable, a look at the fall fashions you’ll want as the seasons change.

It’s been a privilege to help bring this issue to you.


Loren Reid Seaman

LRS Interiors


About the Cover: Dan Ablan photo; styling by LRS Interiors (Lake Zurich).