Simple, Quick, Easy, and Delicious

Visit Kooker’s in Lake Zurich (620 E. Route 22, 847.381.3309) for this awesome-anytime summer sandwich: the Avocado BLT Flatbread.

It’s a great warm weather pick-me-up, bursting with flavor,  freshness… and everything’s better with bacon!

Husband and wife team Karen and Jerry Swidergal, the hands-on owners of Kooker’s, have elevated the art of the sandwich, sharing their recipe with the lucky readers of SW Lake Lifestyle.

Here’s how to build your own Avocado BLT flatbread the Kooker’s way.


1. Cook bacon till crispy 

2. Toast your flatbread (we use the flattop)

3. Add mayo to taste

4. Add bed of lettuce

5. Add sliced tomato

6. Add avocado wedges

7. Top off with bacon

8. Fold, eat, enjoy, repeat!