Adoptive Parenting Events Coming Up

Let It Be Us, a Barrington-based not-for-profit, recruits foster and adoptive parents for waiting children. In Illinois there are 18,000+ children in foster care, many of whom never return home. The group hosts events where prospective parents can learn about the issues and become part of the solution. The charity, founded by Susan McConnell, has received grants from the Barrington Area Community Foundation and the Foglia Family Foundation. Visit to learn more and register for an event, including the September 9 golf outing at Hawthorn Woods Country Club.

Lake County Sets New Flood Stage Record in 2018

Lake County has been experiencing more frequent and stronger rainfall events and hit a new record in 2018 when it went above flood stage during six separate storm events, according to Craig Taylor, Lake County Board Supervisor. With current rainfall trends, Lake County could be on track to break 2018’s flood stage exceedance in 2019. The increased rainfall not only impacts the Stormwater Management Commission but also other Lake County operations, including the Lake County Division of Transportation and Public Works which has to factor rainfall into designs for infrastructure improvements, and the Lake County Emergency Management Agency leads flood response efforts for the County.

“According to the Fourth National Climate Assessment released in November 2018, the globe is getting warmer,” said Mike Warner, Stormwater Management Commission (SMC) Executive Director. “Warm air not only holds more water, but it also has more energy, which leads to stronger storms. Over the last few years, Lake County has seen the results of this effect in the form of increased rainfall events, leading to a rise in flooding.”