Outdoor Spaces Enhance A Home’s Value & Comfort 2

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Blade Runners Services is a Lake Zurich landscape design firm dedicated to offering premium customer care and exceptional landscaping management, design and construction for local families.

Use of Color

With more than two decades of experience in the landscaping business, our team has worked hard to give customers the confidence that each job is completed correctly and within budget. We listen more than talk. Nobody wants a cookie cutter design, and that’s not what we are.

Every job presents a unique set of challenges. Often the use of colored hardscape materials, from Blade Runners’ preferred supplier, Unilock, lends a more artistic flair. Using a proprietary 3D design tool from Unilock allows the homeowner and me to visualize how a space will flow to fit the desired function.

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Texture Matters

Textures from a variety of materials and plants are so important because it brings in something that most people don’t think they can do. Some of our best designs come from taking my laptop to the client, connecting to a TV and working with them on a design that comes together before our eyes. Collaboration with the homeowner is important to create something we all are excited about.

Outdoor living spaces extend the enjoyment of a family home. Some projects are relatively simple, such as creating space for a grill and a fire pit. Other projects are more complex with the creation of an outdoor kitchen with space for a bar, food prep and cooking area, including pizza ovens. It’s fun for us when a family is blown away when a project is completed.

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Unexpected Opportunities

Occasionally when we begin actual site preparation and then construction, an issue can pop up unexpectedly. We like to turn the unexpected into an opportunity to take more than just corrective action.

Says homeowner Tom Wiesenmayer about his lakeside home: “We had a fantastic experience with the entire Blade Runners team. They designed and installed an extensive project that included shoreline, patios, landscape, lighting and irrigation. They handled the entire project start to finish with great ideas, were professional, and met all our goals.”

Every year we meet some of the nicest people in the world. This is a great business to be in.

To contact Garrett Metzger at Blade Runners Services call 847.550.8650 or learn more at bladerunnerspro.com.