Let’s see a show of hands: Who agrees New Year’s resolutions are, well, just a little a little goofy?

There are book store shelves full of books on losing weight, exercising more, getting healthy, eating better, saving more (spending less) and communicating better. Self-help gurus fill the airwaves (and auditoriums at big-ticket prices) offering all kinds of advice. I hear there are even apps we can download on our phones to do all of the above and then some. Heck, my watch is jiggling right now reminding me to get up to take a stroll.

In this digital age when each of us possesses the ability for continuously improvement, New Year’s Resolutions feel a bit too antiquated. In fact, fault lies with the ancients.  Rewind to 4,000 years ago when the practice of New Year’s resolutions got started in Babylonia.  The Romans continued things with a distinctive touch by making promises at the start of the year to the god Janus, for whom the month of January is named. (I wonder if toga parties started around this time, too.) 

Here’s a novel thought: in 2019 why don’t we all just resolve to be kinder and gentler. Nearly 40 years ago when the late George H.W. Bush uttered this phrase when accepting his party’s presidential nomination. It was good then and seems especially prescient for the times we live in now. Acrimony may rage across the airwaves, on Social Media, in Washington, DC and across the world. Right here, though, in SW Lake Co. we have the opportunity to chart a different course. Now that the holidays are over, the calendar has flipped and the blessings of a new year are here, think about how we can make 2019 the best one ever. For everybody.

Happy New Year!

Michael Beightol

Publisher, SW Lake Lifestyle

On the Cover: Winter’s chill reveals moments of beauty around us. Photo by Stephen Neilson.