Some of the hottest trends getting home chefs excited these days are due to an array of new technological innovations offered from some of the top brands in kitchen appliances.

One such trend is the convection steam oven, perhaps the most efficient and versatile oven now available. One version offered by Subzero-Wolf does everything from re-heating food to sous vide cooking, and everything else in between. For example, convection plus steam creates amazingly tender meat dishes. Imagine for the holidays a beef tenderloin evenly cooked with a beautiful exterior crust, all made possible with a temperature probe and the power of convection heat plus steam. When steam isn’t needed there is a straight convection mode that can be used for baking things like that perfect batch of Christmas cookies.

Another leader in this field is Gaggenau, the first manufacturer to introduce the combination of steam and convection for not only roasting, steaming and baking, but also simmering, braising, regenerating and juice extraction. Steam ovens are great for tricky and time-consuming dishes such as Crème Brule; no stove top stirring or water bath is needed since ramekins can be put right in a steam oven.

Gaggenau has also innovated stovetops with flex-induction that provides unprecedented precision. New functions enable the free positioning of cookware and precise regulation of temperature within different heat areas allowing more flexible cooking.

When we start the design process with our clients we need to know up front their appliance choices so that everything fits seamlessly with cabinetry, counters and other finishes. We make sure that proper circuitry and plumbing are in place to support high-end functionality.

When we started designing and building kitchens years ago it was an accepted practice to see refrigerators and ovens protrude from cabinets and counters. Those days are long gone. Now we recess appliances for a sleeker appearance with much cleaner lines.

We really enjoy working with families who love to cook, whether for each other, their families or for entertaining. These folks invest in top-of-the-line equipment because of how it enhances their lives.

About the Author: Michele Buch and her husband, Denis, are the owners of Boone Creek Cabinetry & Design. To learn more please go to or call 815.385.8414.