With the change of season comes time for parties, galas and holiday gatherings. As the temperatures get cooler, the social scene heats up. If you are in a party-throwing mood, here’s a few simple steps to take for throwing a memorable event.


Budget is developed by the amount you are willing and financially capable of spending in order to accomplish your goal. This is different and unique for every event and every host. If serving filet mignon for 50 guests is a must-have, then the budget will need to be significantly larger than when serving finger foods at a tea party.


Be sure to divide your budget amount by each guest in order to determine the cost allocated per guest.  This will give you an understanding on whether the budget should be increased (or the guest count decreased).


Be sure to accommodate your guests by providing different meal and drink options for dietary purposes, personal preferences and health needs. A nice, balanced variety is always a good idea. If you know 75% of your guests don’t drink your beverages should lean more to the creative non-alcoholic side.


A party is not a party unless you have good food! Put some thought, effort and money behind the food.  No host wants a situation where the food is meh since it will leave guests frustrated and hungry as they depart your event and head to the nearest fast food joint.  


Entertainment is key to hosting a good event, your guest will love and appreciate an awesome DJ, musicians or other fun activities. Entertainment provides your guests with an experience they will never forget. So don’t miss the mark with this.


Beautify your space since decor sets the atmosphere and tone. You don’t need to go crazy in this area; candles, flowers, balloons and creative centerpieces are easy and inexpensive event decorations. Decor also helps to connect a theme to the event.


After all the work of planning don’t you really just want to enjoy your awesome event? Hiring somebody – whether it’s a chef or especially a “day of coordinator” — will allow you to sit back and actually have fun at your own party. You surely deserve it so let someone else execute the day and carry out your vision.

Joy Jones owns Joy Jones Planning & Design Co. and has made a career out of creating and executing memorable events. Learn more at joyjones.com or call 224.286.4220.

Sidebar Story – 151 words:

Old World Charm Meets Modern Day Expression

Joy Jones, a Hawthorn Woods planner & event designer, recently held an event at the Cuneo Mansion in Vernon Hills, that was inspired by Joy’s love of old charm. “I created this style to show how old world charm can be paired with modern day elements,” she said. “Elegant and romantic details turned a dream into a reality that captured the past while embracing modern event design. The old and new coming together really made this a timeless expression.”

Photo Shoot Credits: Planned & Styled with Floral Designs by Joy Jones Planning & Design Co.; Photos & video by Sherry Hagerman and Rytis Jan (Allusion Photography); Make Up by Adrianna Ghilarducci; Hair by Mariefel Westa; Bakery by Couture Cup Cake Café; Brides Attire & Accessories by White Dress Bridal, Lake Forest; Linens by Windy City Linen; Rentals by Hall’s Rental &  Dish & Décor; Models were Dylan McDade and Klare Warfel.