There’s no trend hotter or accessory more coveted than a body in great shape. A fit body radiates confidence, strength and self-respect. It isn’t just about the clothes you wear, but the body that they drape and cover. The ideal body is NOT a skinny one, but a fit one. Fitness is not defined simply as a lack of illness and disease, but rather as a holistic state of well-being where your mental, physical and emotional health are all in sync.

When what you see in the mirror (your body) and how you feel (your mind) are aligned, you live in an emotional state of harmony. Insecurities can be cast aside, and you send to the world a clear and consistent message that says “I feel good about me.”

I find many people think of exercise in the context of cardio, crunches, sweat-dripping-high-intensity workouts and flawless fitness models on the cover of a magazine. I used to think that’s what exercise was, too. Society tells us it is. But moving your body to a level of fitness that suits you is about so much more. Like improved thinking. Stronger relationships. Expressing confidence in all things you do. Happiness and strength in all aspects of life.

Exercise releases endorphins, your body’s natural “happy drug” that cleanses your mind while delivering a sense of self-accomplishment and gratification. The mood enhancing benefits of exercise for just 20 minutes a day can last up to 12 hours or longer. Exercise gives your body tone, shape and a physique you can be proud of. People of all genders, ages, shapes, sizes and walks of life say they have a better quality of life with fewer physical limitations when they are physically active.

You see, fitness and fashion do share a common thread. When combined you exude the best possible version of yourself. Fitness is the ultimate fashion statement because of how it makes you feel transformed!

Sean Lee has been in the health and fitness industry for 18 years as a speaker, best selling author and founder of Restoration Fitness, Lake Zurich’s premier wellness studio. Visit to learn more, or call 847.847.1837 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.