Focusing on the Customer Experience 1

Focusing on the Customer Experience

“Necessity is the mother of invention” is true.  This applies to any kind of business created to solve a common problem. I had no idea that one day I would create an exterior cleaning company to address a problem for homeowners that I didn’t even know existed until I bought a home five years ago.

The house was great, but terrible black stains blanketed a roof that wasn’t even 10-years old. My cedar siding also had green algae creeping up the sides of the gables. I lost sleep thinking about how to clean it up the right way. Now that this problem was my problem, I started to look around (or up at other roofs) and discovered black stains virtually everywhere. Obviously, I wasn’t alone – this was a problem that needed a solution.

My partner and I proceeded to learn as much as possible about black roof algae (Gloeocapsa Magma), why it occurs and how to safely get rid of it. With my 30+ years experience in business development, and his 40+ years in the roofing and exterior trades, we had the right combination of expertise to successfully launch a specialized home services company.

House Shampoo uses proprietary cleaning solutions applied with low-pressure equipment. It produces safe, gentle results that are 4-5 times better than power washing with none of the risks. Our process does not harm flowers or shrubs, and is customizable to include every type of property feature (not just roofing) for discriminating homeowners.

Five years later I am pleased to say House Shampoo is very busy. We work for everyone who hires us, however, we have expanded to include more comprehensive projects that include gated properties with premium features like custom roofing, architectural accents, complex brick and stone hardscapes, pools, docks and waterscapes.

I like to say people work for more than money. Earning high praise from our customers is important to us. We are grateful for every Five-Star Rating we’ve earned. Our staff really enjoy their jobs because for us real satisfaction comes from a customer who is awed again by the beauty of their home. Some customers even start to cry. It’s humbling when this happens, but it also reaffirms that our strategic vision for House Shampoo – plus hard work and a dedication to excellent customer experience – is paying off.

About the Author: Monica M. Zylinski is the Owner/President of House Shampoo, Inc.; 815.585.4745;