With the delivery of this issue of SW Lake Lifestyle we’re officially in the Dog Days of Summer. Around here that means hot, swampy weather that slows everybody a step or two and drives the family pet to the shade of a backyard tree (or air conditioned house).

Summer’s heat coincides with the year’s daybreak rising of the star Sirius. Ancient folks thought that the combined heat of Sirius and the Sun caused midsummer’s swelter. Not counting the Sun, Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. Under the right conditions, it can even be seen with the naked eye during the day.

Sirius is one star in a group of stars that form the constellation Canis Major. It’s no surprise, then, that the nickname of this big, bold star is “Dog Star.” The name of the friendly looking pooch on our cover is Mitch, a hardworking soul at the Lake County Children’s Advocacy Center (https://www.lakecountyil.gov/2066/Childrens-Advocacy-Center).

            Mitch does his job under tough circumstances; he’s a comforting presence whenever a child shares his or her story of abuse to authorities. The idea is for a young victim of sexual or physical abuse to tell the story once in a safe setting so that the advocates can relieve the burden of the child having to retell the story over and over to police, health care professionals, prosecutors, in court and to social workers. Mitch makes a difficult situation a little better for everyone involved – a true dog star.

            So you can see why with good reason this issue has gone to the dogs (and a few cats, too). Also in this issue are stories about avoiding home repair scams; a Barrington man raising money for charities through long distance swimming (really long distance); a Long Grove veterinarian caring for the pets we love; how the family station wagon has radically evolved, and; a profile of House Shampoo, a great local home services company.

Enjoy the warmth of summer and we’ll see you around town,



Michael Beightol, Publisher





On the Cover: Mitch the comfort dog with friends at the Lake Co. Children’s Advocacy Center.