It’s vacation season! Americans spend a lot on their summer getaways – over $100B in 2017 per Travel and Leisure magazine. One part of your life should never take a break – your investments.

To keep them working efficiently for you, consider these suggestions:

• Match the right investment with the right “job.”

Your electrician installs lights, your plumber clears drains; neither does the other’s job. Look at your investments similarly. Generally, you purchase stocks hoping to achieve growth necessary to meet long-term goals, i.e. a comfortable retirement. When you purchase fixed-rate investments such as CDs or money market accounts, you know they won’t provide as much growth potential, but are available to fund a short-term goal, such as a dream vacation.

• Evaluate your investments’ performance relative to your goals.

Using stock indexes as a measuring stick has some drawbacks. In many organizations, you experience performance reviews; your work is assessed regarding how it helped you achieve your goals.  Do the same with your investments! Measure how effectively they help you move toward your financial objectives. If you need a certain rate of return to meet retirement goals at a designated age, yet are not on track, you may want to adjust your investment mix. Seeking higher return potential likely means taking on more risk. Consider consulting with a financial professional to find risk/reward ratios fitting your goals/risk tolerance.

• Look for hard-working investments.

Some stocks and investments pay dividends. You can choose to automatically reinvest them, purchasing more shares. Increased share ownership is one key to build financial resources for the long term.

Look for opportunities to keep your investments gainfully employed throughout your life.

Mark Hornok is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones, 100 E. Station Street, Suite 105, Barrington. Contact Mark at 847.382.3476 or via