Local Man Goes Hollywood 1

Scott Perlman answered the phone on the second ring. The caller was from his hometown, Barrington, with a few questions about the Midwest Premiere of his new film, “Andover,” at the Catlow Theater, June 2 & 3.

For Perlman, a Barrington High School grad, holding a premiere at the Catlow is the fulfillment of a dream. The venerable theater, since spruced up considerably from when Perlman sought cinematic escape as a kid, is where his love for movies began. “I saw some of my favorite movies of all time at the Catlow,” Perlman says. “Groundhog Day,” “Shawshank Redemption,” “Ordinary People” and that version of Peter Pan with Robin Williams and Julia Roberts (“Hook”).”

Before heading off to the University of Iowa to study Creative Writing and Psychology, movies provided a refuge for Perlman who lost his father when he was just seventeen. “Losing my dad like I did provided some of the inspiration for Andover,” he says. It’s never easy losing a parent, but teenage boys are especially vulnerable. Perlman was lucky; he had some influential Barrington men providing guidance after his father passed, including Bill Kennedy, Ron Hahn and Mike Miller.

 When told recently that Perlman considered him a father figure, Miller’s eyes briefly flooded with tears. Miller, a long-time area jeweler and owner of M. J. Miller & Co., says of the teenage Perlman, “he had such a great imagination and tremendous potential. He was very creative back then and you could see the talent.”

Now Perlman, and Miller, punctuate their mutual success with the premiere of “Andover” before a home town audience. Perlman is coming home. Miller is basking in what the young man has become.

The Midwest Premiere of Andover will be June 2 & 3 at the Catlow Theater, 116 W. Main Street in Barrington. Learn more at facebook.com/andovermovie