It Started Way Back Last Year

The process for publishing this monthly magazine actually began last year. That’s when our team put together the themes for every issue.

That’s followed up with meetings – quarterly and monthly – to plot the actual progress for what your SW Lake Lifestyle Editor, Stephen Neilson, calls “making a magazine.”

There’s setting assignments, checking with clients, getting suggestions from readers, photographing, editing, proofing (and editing and proofing and editing and more proofing). Finally, we are at the pointing of writing this column, a task Stephen and I take turns tackling.


It’s now when I realize just how blessed we are with such a wealth of stories. Too many, in fact, for this month, our first-ever “Guys Issue” (we’re saving one to roll into a feature article coming soon). The gentlemen featured this month are extraordinary, just as in May when we featured our “Women of Distinction.” The events we highlight in “Good Times” bear testimony to revitalization, progress and growth. Our “Local’s Choice” article reminds us why we need to get ourselves outside to enjoy what nature gives each of us this all-too-short time of year. And one of our homegrown Barrington grads debuts his latest movie this month down at the Catlow.


Surrounding us are folks who work hard, play with purpose, raise money, educate, make music, nurture, care, raise families, pray, innovate, excel and serve the community. This issue celebrates just a few of those folks held up as mere examples of what is truly great about this wonderful neck of the woods we call SW Lake County.


See you around town.

Michael Beightol


ON THE COVER Steve Gritman and his fiddle.