Dancing Through Life with Style and Grace, Karly & mom Kelly share a few of their favorite things

lululemon low rise pant

lululemon Deer Park, $98

Patagonia Vest, $100

Dick’s Sporting Goods or Macy’s

Adopt a Pet

Your local shelter

Full Circle Dance Center

Great Variety of Dance Classes & Gift Certificates, Various Prices

Converse Chuck Taylor Slip-Ons, $50

Local DSW, Kohl’s, or Nike.com

Sofia’s Place Mexican Food, Island Lake

Great Mexican Cuisine; don’t miss 99-cent Taco Tuesdays

Having a mom that has also been my dance teacher has allowed us to bond in such a special way.

It’s been an honor watching my daughter blossom into a smart, determined, level-headed woman. Our time dancing together was magical!