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STRONG VS SKINNY… MELLOW VS METAL… SNACKING ON THE RUN… QUICK HITS FROM 3 SW LAKE FITNESS GURUS. Lillian Halloran is a highly regarded local Fitness Instructor with a broad following throughout the area. Alex Apostol, Personal Trainer at Restoration Fitness, has overcome serious chronic illness to become an active competitor in strongman competitions. Linda Donner is a Martial Arts Master/Personal Trainer at Restoration with 30+ years experience in the health/fitness industy.

“Many women are so concerned about being thin that they don’t realize that 
becoming strong can be empowering. 
There is beauty 
in strength.” 
-Lillian Halloran

“Favorite play list: I 
listen to a lot of music that is heavy and high 
energy, perfect for training. Metallica, Fear Factory, Lamb of God, Alter Bridge and Prodigy, among others.” -Alex Apostol

 “I am on the go all day for work, and admit that I’m very bad at grabbing a snack in between meals, but when I do, I really enjoy a couple of boiled eggs. Great source of protein and it holds you till the next good meal.” -Linda Donner