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Thinking Fresh, Small & Local is Hitting it Big at Lake Zurich’s Zin GastroPub

Opening a wine bar had been Bob Kryscha’s dream for years. While buying some fresh fish from Franco’s Pescheria less than a year ago, he learned that Franco’s was planning to relocate. After quickly discussing with family, Kryscha seized the opportunity and launched into transforming the space into a sophisticated-yet-
comfortable, intimate wining and dining spot, bringing inspiration from several of his favorite downtown gastropubs to influence the new design.  The result: Zin Gastropub, a stylish new suburban eatery with an urban feel, featuring eclectic from-scratch food and carefully curated beer and wine selections.  

The upscale bar is warmly lit by an eclectic collection of oversized Edison-style bulbs in a range of shapes.  The brick was reclaimed from a century-old building in Chicago; the bar is topped by an elegant, locally-obtained black marble slab.

True to their Farm-to-Table mantra, they support local farms, distillers and beer makers, sourcing locally whenever practical to do so, and preferring smaller family-owned providers. As their website notes, close to 80% of their food is locally sourced and brought in fresh on a consistent basis. Their food is fresh and prepared from scratch, ranging from small plates to gourmet burgers and unique daily specials, and includes many gluten free and vegan options.

Their Chorizo Empanada ($14) features housemade chorizo served in a warm, 
golden-browned crust with just enough give and just enough crunch.  A key ingredient: a separately prepared veal reduction sauce that’s cooked down over the course of three days, intensifying the flavors and adding a moderating counterpoint to the chorizo, appropriately tuning the level of spice to midwestern palates and leaving a smooth, creamy finish.

Rather than the typical wedge of iceberg lettuce, Zin GastroPub serves up their Baby Wedge Salad ($10) with a crisp heart of romaine on a bed of fresh sliced beets, ringed with yellow carrots and sprinkled with gorgonzola cheese and pecans, dressed lightly with a housemade vinaigrette. (See the deconstructed details for both dishes on the following pages.)

Wine and spirit selections follow the same script as the food, with the well-stocked bar avoiding bulk brands in favor of unique smaller producers.  A favorite from the very ample wine list: the “Wild Thing” Old Vine Zinfandel ($14/$44) by award-winning California winemaker Carol Shelton, a rich and highly extracted zin with bramble berry notes 
lingering deliciously on the finish.

Bob Kryscha and the Zin GastroPub team have hit their stride quickly in bringing a quality new dining option to SW Lake with a distinctly local flair.

Zin GastroPub, 
583 N Rand Rd, Lake Zurich, phone 847.946.4167.  
Open Mon-Th 11:30 a.m.–11:00 p.m., 
F-Sat  11:30 a.m.–midnight, Sun 4 p.m.–9 p.m.

Deconstructed Dish 1 info:

Title: Chorizo Empanadas

Subtitle: Veal Reduction is this dish’s Secret Sauce

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Deconstructed Dish 2 info:

Title: Baby Wedge Salad

Subtitle: Crisp, Flavorful, and Healthy

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