Born From Tragedy, Shane's Foundation Is Saving Children's Lives

Local Charity Is Preventing Childhood Deaths from Furniture Tip-Overs

In 2011 my life was irrevocably changed when my family lost our 2-year-old son, Shane, to a furniture tip-over accident.

I decided that the only way to bring any meaning to our heartbreak was to try and prevent others from having to experience what we went through.

In 2012, I launched Shane’s Foundation: a nonprofit child safety organization which focuses on education and prevention of furniture tip-overs at a grass-roots level.

When Shane’s Foundation started, we believed it important to not just work on advocating passage of legislation for child safety, as other nonprofits around us have been doing. More urgently, we work to also educate and distribute anti-tip furniture straps to families with young children, who are the kids most likely to climb on furniture and cabinets that are likely to tip over (often, those with heavy big screen TVs).

I’m passionate that a child’s safety shouldn’t depend on how much money their family has or the resources they have access to. We founded Shane’s Foundation to help as many families as possible to increase our children’s safety.

Shane’s Foundation has led me to work with other organizations such as Safe Kids, ICPHSO, MIPA and the USCPSC. Together, we’ve brought to the public’s attention the importance of anchoring furniture, appliances and TVs. I want Shane’s Foundation to expand the communities and hospital networks we currently work with, to grow nationally until anti-tip measures are a universally accepted baby-proofing strategy. Every child we save by making sure the furniture around them is secured makes my hard work and dedication worthwhile.

About the Author: Lisa and her husband, Tim, are the owners of Timothy Grant Jewelers with locations in Lake Zurich and Schaumburg. Shane’s Foundation has helped drive significant changes by furniture manufacturers to improve safety for our children. Learn more by visiting