Travelling Safely in Today's World

To many people, the world feels like a more dangerous place now than a decade ago. It seems every time we turn to the news recently we find difficult stories about hurricanes, viruses, earthquakes, travel warnings, forest fires, or terrorism.

As citizens of the information age, we are constantly subjected to frequent, large-scale amounts of data. There are tremendous benefits to this information flow, but it is also confusing, overwhelming and fraught with misinformation.

In can be difficult to make travel decisions in this environment. How do you know when an area is safe to visit, and when to avoid it altogether? What if you can’t leave home due to an accident, sickness, or mother nature? Is there a risk of terrorism? And currently, where in the Caribbean can I travel since the hurricane damage?

A good professional travel advisor will help you sift through relevant information and provide answers. Lake Zurich Travel and other reputable travel agencies have the resources and experience needed. We have the most up-to-date information from the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) and State Department on weather, safety and other travel-related concerns, and draw on our industry contacts and local connections around the world to help you make well-informed decisions.

Unlike on-line travel sites that try to predict and even influence your preferences, a good Travel Advisor will listen to your needs and coach you, using our knowledge of destinations and vendor choices. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide when and where you will travel, based on your risk tolerance and comfort levels. The resources and experience that Lake Zurich Travel and other good travel agencies provide, however, can be invaluable in making those decisions.

Travel can be a huge unifier, perhaps a more vital force for peace than ever before, and is important for staying informed, understanding other people and cultures, and keeping fear at bay. Travel also provides an infusion of money into regional economies, of particular importance for the regions recently adversely affected by Mother Nature. So, choose wisely, enlist the help of a good Travel Agent, and never stop exploring!

A Special Note from Lake Zurich Travel

Many of the beloved destinations of our agency and client favorites have been ravaged by the recent hurricanes and earthquakes, and while we can simply decide not to travel to those destinations, we acknowledge the turmoil of the residents who not only face the devastation of their homes, but loss of their livelihood in tourism-related businesses. For workers across much of the Caribbean, Mexico, Texas and Florida, the suffering and lack of income will last for months, possibly years, as they not only rebuild their lives and homes, but wait for employers to restore their jobs at resorts, restaurants, and tour activities.

It is important to remember that the Caribbean and Mexican economies rely on travelers like us coming back to the region soon. Please choose to travel to the islands of the Caribbean that were not affected by the hurricanes. By doing so, you support the regional economy.

For other ways to help, we recommend two charitable organizations:  ID Travel Foundation ( and Tourism Cares ( Please view their websites and consider a contribution.

About the Authors: Sue Shimkus and Kirsten Mullany of Lake Zurich Travel & Cruise provide custom travel itineraries for the discerning traveler. To learn more, visit or call 847.438.5551.