Floating Away on a Dream 3

It was peaceful walking in the front door, leaving behind the traffic, noise and stress of a busy Rand Road.

That’s all part of the plan, according to Jennifer Wyton, owner of Epic Float in Lake Zurich, an innovative float therapy salon that opened earlier this year.

The next impression was how clean it is. Spotless. Considering how float therapy works, that’s a very good thing. As a first time customer, Jennifer welcomed me at the front counter and shared a little of what I should expect from my first ever float; relaxation, calmness, rejuvenation and solitude.

After signing a simple waiver, Jennifer showed me the floatation space. There was a comfortable changing area, a well-appointed shower and the floatation pool itself, bathed in soft blue light and warm, gin-clear water softly gurgling through a sophisticated filtration system.

Floatation therapy has been around for years and is gaining in popularity, with Epic Float being the first-of-its-kind facility in SW Lake County. The basics are simple: users float in a shallow pool of warm water in a completely private, sound-and-light proof room. The water is combined with 1500 pounds of medical grade Epsom salts to create a water that is dense, allowing for incredible buoyancy.

After a quick shower I carefully entered the pool. Soothing New Age music played softly. The water and air were warm and comfortable. My head rested on a small, dense foam ring to give my neck a little extra support. When I extended my arms I could touch the sides of the pool. On the left side there was a light switch. When the music slowly tapered off I tapped the switch and the lights went out.

The filtration system was stilled. The only sound was the quiet lapping of water against the sides of the pool when I moved. I floated away, imagining that this was what total weightlessness was like.

I heard the sound of my own heartbeat. I practiced diaphragmatic breathing. My eyes were closed. Or were they? There was total blackness. Floating took all the stress out of my creaky back and always stiff neck. Did I doze? Probably not since it seemed like I was thinking of everything and anything, but at a relaxed, non-pressured pace. It was very peaceful, warm and calm.

After a while I heard the faint sounds of gurgling water. Then there was the slightest sound of strings, then music, gaining ever so slightly in volume. The music picked up and that was the signal that my hour of floatation was ending. I couldn’t tell you if it was actually 60 minutes or 6 hours. I had been totally transported away to a deep sense of wellbeing.

After a thorough shower to rinse off the salt water I dressed quietly, feeling very relaxed and refreshed. I stopped briefly in a room filled with high quality personal care products to comb my hair and stepped out into the front room to be greeted by Jennifer who offered a cold bottle of fresh water. Driving home I was flooded with thoughts about what I had just experienced and deduced that I had reached a meditative state. While I don’t think I actually fell asleep, afterwards it felt like I had just had the most refreshing nap ever. I vowed to take another float real soon.

Epic Float is located at 305 N. Rand Road in Lake Zurich (next to Cara Mia MedSpa). Call 847.847.7466 to set up a session. Go to epicfloatinc.com to learn more. Gift certificates and 
discounts are available.