Window Treatments: They Do More than Open or Close 2

Many people think window treatments are only for aesthetics or privacy, but they are used for more than that. While they do beautify a home and can block unwanted visual intrusions, shades and blinds can control light, contribute to energy efficiency, and help with home security.

Light control allows you to control how the light enters the home. Is a particular room just too bright but has a great exterior view? Harsh daylight can be diffused with certain types of shades, transforming a harsh, brightly lit room into a soft one that allows the light to filter into the room and illuminate it more evenly. When these treatments are open, sheer fabric components filter the light and block much of the view into the room from outside but preserve the view out of the windows from the inside. While open, these same types of shades can block a dramatic amount of harmful Ultra Violet rays. This helps preserve furnishings, flooring, and other items in the room from damage due to sun fade.

Blinds and shades also can contribute to energy efficiency, both by having an insulating value at the window when closed, as well as by controlling how much of the sun’s heat enters the room. The insulation of the window helps keep the outside temperature outside while helping keep the room climate consistent. The window coverings can be closed during the summer when the sun is making the room too hot or by remaining open during the winter months to let the sun in. This can lower heating and cooling costs by making the room feel more comfortable without adjusting the thermostat.

With the development of motorized window treatments there are many more options when it comes to light control and energy efficiency. Not only can hard to reach windows be operated more easily but combine that with home automation and you can get your blinds to open and close automatically. Hunter Douglas PowerView® treatments can be set to work with several automation systems as well as their own downloadable App. The treatments can be scheduled to operate at any time you desire. Scenes can be set up to maximize the shade’s contribution to energy efficiency by opening or closing at specific times to control the sun’s heat. Automation can also help synchronize the window treatments to your life. Imagine your blinds opening as you get up in the morning, closing during the heat of the day, then reopening as the sun goes down!

The Hunter Douglas PowerView® App allows you to control the operation of your window treatments remotely from anywhere with a hand held device and WIFI. Home security is enhanced with this feature because you can set the blinds to open and close on any schedule automatically from anywhere you are. The home can appear to be occupied deterring possible break ins. Motorized treatments also eliminate exposed cords so children and pets are safer too.

Window treatments offer many benefits besides being decorative. Privacy, security, and energy efficiency should be considered when selecting blinds and shades for your home. New technology makes it possible to have more options to choose from than ever.

Jay Adams is the owner of Blue Jay Paint and Blinds in Lake Zurich, an independent Benjamin Moore dealer. For more information on the wide range of products and services offered, including Hunter Douglas and Graber window fashions visit or call 224-677-5334.