Classic Fashion With A Twist 10

Editor’s Note: LUXE Wearhouse in Kildeer is celebrating its fourth year in business with new services launching soon. Marcy Sparr, co-owner and stylist, took time out of a busy schedule to chat recently with SW Lake Lifestyle about what’s fashionable this fall and what’s new at LUXE.

SWL: Congratulations on your anniversary! 
What motivated you to start LUXE Wearhouse?

Marcy Sparr: “Annie [Lang] and I opened in March of 2013 as a four day pop-up shop. I had a showroom in the city and I’d been traveling a lot and like so many women, I wanted to simplify my life. We saw an opportunity to provide a personalized, luxury shopping experience, but without the high price tag. What’s so amazing is that up to now we’ve grown solely by word of mouth and referrals. Our customers have been so supportive and loyal. They are all like friends now.”

SWL: How would you describe 
the clothing you offer?

MS: “We like to think of it as ‘classic, with a twist’ because we understand women who want every day, wearable stuff that’s on trend and affordable. We offer free personal styling in our store, and we’ll pre-pull items we think you might like, whether you need one outfit or an entire wardrobe. We get new merchandise every week so there’s always something new to try. We are providing a boutique experience for our clients.”

SWL: LUXE offers a styling service by mail, 
kind of like Stitch Fix. What is that like?

MS: “It is a similar concept, but it’s a lot more personalized. We will hand-
curate pieces and send them to our customers. For some shoppers who drive out from the city we’ll do an initial styling appointment. After that we will do LUXE styleboxes because it’s more convenient. What’s different about us is that you can always get us on the phone. We can get to know you personally and send you clothing that we know you’ll love.”

SWL: Please tell us about the styles 
that are trending now for fall?

MS: “There are so many new styles! Blush pink is still in, and ruffles are back for sleeves and shoulders. Flared sleeves are in right now. Pairing the feminine styles with Moto jackets to balance out the look—that’s very current. Skinny jeans are still a staple, and we’re seeing interesting faux suedes and faux fur fabrics this season.”

SWL: Are there any styles to avoid?

MS: “Great question. Because this season there is such a mix of styles that there’s not much that isn’t on trend. So many new looks are coming together in unique ways. You can mix 90s grunge plaids with jewel tones or blush pink with a Moto jacket and it will look stylish.”

: What’s new with LUXE?

MS: “Gosh, there’s so many exciting things happening right now. For one, we are launching a blog on our website. Our customers asked us to post photos of styles that we like and what we’re wearing, so we’re doing that soon. We also host parties and fundraisers. We will also be launching a “LUXE Gives Back” initiative soon, to raise money for national and local charities. Every month will be different, so to stay up on what’s happening here we are asking everybody to please be sure to check out what’s new on our website.”

LUXE Wearhouse is located at 20771 N. Rand Road in Kildeer; phone 847.438.4880. 
Visit their website at for the latest LUXE fashion news.