Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

Summer has a seductive way of warping both space and time.

In its best moments, when leisure beckons, it’s easy to ease into that sunny porch swing and watch the flowers grow and bathe in summer’s warm glow. Time melts, like Salvador Dali’s watch.

In its lesser moments, experience has convinced me that pushing that lawnmower in a muggy, 90-degree heat will actually double the square footage of yard that you need to mow.  It’s a scientific fact.  At least, it feels like it must be.

This summer month I’ve been privileged to journey vicariously through several centuries right here from within the warm summer confines of SW Lake County, in the cause of bringing you our readers this issue.

I walked across a century-old, single-lane bridge being considered for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places, but is also in danger of replacement.  In Parting Thoughts, Ryan Messmer, President of the Historic Downtown Long Grove Business Association, tells us its story.

I walked a cemetery with three centuries engraved in its stones, and visited its neighboring church sanctuary built in the mid-1800’s that still holds regular services today – longer than any church in Lake County. Through my camera’s lens and Marissa Plescia’s pen, you too can be ushered into a visit to Long Grove Community Church in our first of a new recurring feature on local places of worship.

Although reputedly not a cave man (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), I do enjoy chilling in a good Man Cave. Marissa Plescia introduces us to a local company that specializes in the coolest of custom ‘Caves.

A suggestion: pour yourself a fine beverage, walk out to that porch swing, bring our magazine along, and enjoy the trip!

See you Around Town,

Stephen Neilson

Editor, SW Lake Lifestyle