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AGFS Transforms Garages Overnight Into Magnificent Man Caves

American Garage Floor Systems (AGFS) is giving the phrase “man cave” a whole new meaning. With AGFS’s expertise, folks all over SW Lake county can enjoy a brand new custom look that transforms their garage from mundane car-closets into a magnificent man-space.

Tim Meade, the owner of both AGFS and the business Reflections in Glass, has been working in the garage renovation business for nine years. He’d always had an interest in working with garage spaces, and after doing some research, decided it would make a great fit in which to develop his expertise and invest his career.

AGFS and Reflections in Glass is a family business, as Meade works with his wife, his two sons, and his daughter in law. All told, they’ve all been working together in the business for a little over 15 years.

“They all do an excellent job, and we work together to get everything done,” Meade said.

According to Meade, what makes his business unique is the quick service while delivering specially-customized floors and garages. While with many similar businesses people can’t use their garage for three to four days after renovation, AGFS gets customers comfortably settled into their new man caves within 24 to 36 hours.

“We’re affordable, we’re reliable, and we provide good quality,” Meade said.

AGFS-renovated garages can be easily kept up with minimal maintenance. As K. Leese, an AGFS customer, shared in a Google review: “Snow, salt, and dirt hoses right off, and it has held up great so far – no cracking or chipping.”

To add to their newly surfaced floor, AGFS customers can choose from a wide variety of features to equip their mancaves, from cabinets and flooring to logos and big screen TVs, custom shelving, paint jobs and much more. Some customers have even worked with AGFS to design the flooring to match the specific cars in the garage.

Meade’s own personal version of a man cave at home proudly sports a Chicago Bears logo sealed into the floor.

Meade mentioned that his favorite part about his work is the chance to creatively change up the look of people’s garages to meet their owner’s special wants and needs. “It’s fun when you’re changing people’s lives, and making them easier,” Meade said.

American Garage Floor Systems, 22292 Pepper Rd in Lake Barrington, can be reached by phone at 847.382.3567.  Visit the website and browse their photo gallery at