Keeping the Glow of Summer Alive

Loving the Gilt, Losing the Guilt

Summer fun: the double-edged sword of feel-goods and disappointment. The memories created with the nice weather, vacations and time with family and friends give us a euphoric high that slowly turns into feeling stressed, overwhelmed and somewhat depressed with the horrendous thought of getting back into the routine. We’ve all been there. And what’s even more interesting is that we choose to live with this attitude.

Getting back into the swing of things or going back to work after a vacation can be challenging; however, there are simple tips that can make the transition easier. For example: as painful as it may seem, I invite you to dedicate 1-2 hours looking at your calendar and email, making sure groceries are set, and laundry is ready to rumble because it will help you adjust more easily. Once you’ve done that, plot out your families’ calendar of events for the next month: carpooling, sporting events, concerts, play dates, etc. By giving yourself a glance at the time ahead, you can plan time accordingly and prioritize what needs to happen while being ready to roll with whatever comes your way.

Married or single, there is nothing worse than coming back from a stellar vacation and getting the blues because there is nothing to look forward to, so let’s change that. A struggle many of us have in today’s society is not celebrating enough. I invite you to recall what it was about being on vacation that allowed you to be at peace and recharge. Then, schedule in 1-2 hours of something “fun” or “nourishing” at least once a week to bring you back to that state, whether it is alone, as a family, or a date night.  Relaxing and recharging does not need to cost money or involve using frequent flyer miles. It is something that can be carved out and implemented. In fact, the more we simplify the concept of recharging, the more often it is likely to happen.

You may be thinking, “I don’t have enough time for that nonsense”. I disagree; you have the ability to make time, and you are worthy of the time. As humans, pleasure helps motivate us; to ensure a life where we function and perform at our highest power – experiencing pleasure is a necessity.

Start today by implementing those things in your life that support experiencing that summer euphoric high on a consistent basis.

About the Author: As a holistic health and lifestyle coach, Alyssa Poggioli empowers others to create health enriched freedom when it comes to self-care, nutrition, exercise, and spirituality so they can live with a sense of purpose. Contact her at 847.544.8181, or learn more at