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Tips For Choosing the Right Pet Care Provider

When heading out on a family vacation or squeezing in a visit to the day spa, you plan to enjoy the best experience possible.  Why not expect the same first class experience for the furry members of your family?

When choosing the best home-away-from-home for your beloved pets, consider these key tips to ensure your peace of mind while away:


  • Individualized care – Your pet has unique wants, needs and desires.  Will they be engaged in activities they love and challenged with new experiences to enjoy?
  • Enrichment – Stimulating a pet’s mind can be just as important for overall health as physical play.  Practicing basic obedience commands such as sit and stay are great ways to work the mind.
  • Socialization – The Dog Gurus, industry experts in the field of dog daycare, recommend structured activities and frequent breaks.  They believe around 40% of dogs truly enjoy large group play, and therefore recommend smaller play groups for best interaction.

Safety & Health

  • Clean and fresh – Thorough daily sanitizing, with additional tidy ups throughout the day, are critical to maintain a clean facility.  The pet area should smell fresh and clean.
  • Monitoring health – Tracking daily eating habits, bathroom habits, and overall mood changes is critical to understanding and maintaining your pet’s overall health and well-being.
  • Rest and relaxation – Accommodations should have ample space for your pet to stretch out as well as provide a quiet area for rest.

Education & Training

  • Education – Every person that interacts with your pet should be trained in proper pet handling procedures: both industry standard training, and facility-specific policies and procedures.
  • Training – Learning is a lifelong process.  Pet care facilities should have recurring employee training to update their skills.  Certifications by the pet industry as well as facility-based certifications help assure your pet receives exceptional care by highly-trained people.

Overall Experience

  • First contact – When you first call to ask about pet care services, you should feel welcome. They should take the time to get to know you as well as your pet.
  • Dropping off – When you arrive at the reception desk, your experience should match that of your first call. Customer service staff should review the details of your pet’s stay, while making you feel warm and welcomed.

At Bark ’N Town, our family has invested over 30 years refining and expanding our pet care practices and facility. Our multi-level in house certification program ensures your pet receives the best possible care. We treat pet parents like family and carefully listen to understand our guests’ special needs to offer our guests a customized experience. We provide a clean, spacious, comfortable home-away-from-home environment, complete with aroma therapy and soothing sounds to enhance after-play relaxation. Pets are our passion so we work diligently to provide a unique experience not found in other area pet providers.

When heading out on that well-earned family time or personal break, remember to make sure that your faithful furry family members are in good hands.

About the Author: Brian Linning and his family have owned and operated Bark ‘N’ Town for over 30 years, providing overnight lodging, enriching day care services and professional grooming for pets. For more information, contact Bark ’N’ Town at 815.759.2275 or visit their website at