Leave Roof Cleaning to an Expert 4

Roof cleaning is possibly the single most-ignored maintenance item on the typical homeowner’s punch list.

Not only does a roof cleaning dramatically improve the curb appeal of a home, but it could literally save tens of thousands of dollars in expense from premature roof replacement due to shingle failure.

A roof with dark streaks means living colonies of algae, lichens and moss have taken root.  Not only does a roof like this appear neglected, but these organisms cause shingles to deteriorate at a rate that can sacrifice up to 50% of the roof’s intended service life.

A soft-wash, solution-based roof cleaning uses specialized low-pressure equipment, and when professionally applied will safely, gently, and thoroughly remove all traces of an infestation.  This will result in revitalizing the shingles and restoring the intended beauty of the roof.

Pressure should never be used on cedar or asphalt shingles.  Cedar is a natural, rugged material that can withstand a great deal, but in the case of cleaning, killing the flora and allowing it to dry and release in its own time is key to preserving the roof’s structural integrity. Asphalt shingles have protective granules that will dislodge when pressure is applied, compromising the reflective surface protection.  Power washing will also void a manufacturer’s warranty.

Leave it to a Pro

Roof cleaning is a profession. Clerks in big box stores may make it sound like a simple task to just pick up a few gallons of consumer cleaner to be sprayed on the roof, but don’t be fooled. Here are the top five reasons why roof cleaning should be left to professionals:

    1. It’s dangerous.  Most homeowners lack experience on ladders, much less working on a pitched roof while hauling equipment and hoses in unpredictable weather conditions. The risk of injury or death is obvious.
    2. There are several types of flora that colonize on shingles. The extent of the infestation also varies. Knowing what, how and when to treat the array of invasive organisms is crucial.
    3. Understanding the amount of solution material to use in order to fully saturate the shingles is a craft that is learned through years of experience.
    4. It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to go through the process of buying expensive cleaning products, hauling out equipment and spending a weekend spraying a dirty roof only to find that the product was ineffective. Save time and money, and be safe, by calling a reputable pro.
    5. Roof cleaning is worth the investment. Every homeowner deserves contractor-grade product, equipment and the expertise of a professional who is insured and offers guaranteed workmanship. The result will be a beautiful, fully restored, spotless roof in less than a day.


About the Author: Gary Rogers is General Manager of House Shampoo, Inc., an innovative local company that specializes in restoring roofing, siding, masonry, patios and decks from the harmful and expensive damage caused by invasive organisms. To learn more, call 815.585.4745 and visit houseshampoo.com.