It's a Family Affair on Pepper Road in Lake Barrington 3

In an unassuming industrial park, just past a print shop and across from a pet store, there’s a pair of family-run businesses that are remarkable in so many ways.

The older company specializes in glass, designing and installing beautiful creations including doors, tub and shower enclosures, mirrors, windows, table tops and wall partitions for both family homes and commercial businesses.

The newer company takes the most utilitarian of spaces–a garage–and transforms it into a showcase, and in many cases, a one-of-a-kind room using state of the art materials and custom designs on request.

The biggest surprise: the two companies – Reflections in Glass and American Garage Floor Systems – are owned by the same family, with patriarch Tim Meade at the helm. Make no mistake, this is an all-in family affair that involves Tim’s wife, Monica, sons Michael and Jeffrey, and daughter-in-law, Robin.

Early in his career Meade acquired a variety of skills in construction. Like any budding entrepreneur, he knew one day he wanted to be the one calling the shots, so 30 years ago he started a glass business based then in Lake Zurich. After just a few years of solid success a relocation of the company was necessary. Lake Barrington (22292 N. Pepper Road) was a good fit with room to grow, and most importantly, it was smack dab in middle of an area experiencing a construction boom.

As the company grew, family members started joining the enterprise doing what Meade often says “is putting the finishing touches to the hard work of a lot of tradesmen before us.”

Since 1987, Reflections in Glass has worked with contractors and families with solutions for shower doors, mirrors and industry-leading accessories to complete the custom bathroom of their customers’ dreams. The work is not limited to residential: “We do almost anything in glass,” says Meade.

At the other end of the home spectrum, there’s the garage floor, an abused, mostly neglected part of many homes that used to be just a place for parking cars and storing the accoutrements of suburban life. Thanks to advances in flooring systems and epoxy coatings, the garage can be the new star in a family home. Amazingly, according to Jeffrey Meade, after one of his crews completes an installation, the floor can be walked on in 2-6 hours and cars parked in just 24-26 hours. The younger Meade says the company also installs storage cabinets and shelving.

Founded in 2007 in the midst of the Great Recession, American Garage Floor Systems has grown steadily, addressing both residential and commercial flooring needs. Specializing in one-day flooring for not just garages, but also patios, decks, warehouses and much more, American Garage Floor Systems is the company in Lake Barrington where garages are transformed.

Learn more about the Meade Family businesses, Reflections in Glass and American Garage Floor Systems, by visiting (847.744.8176) (847.744.8518).