Function and Finesse: the Art of Remodeling 8

Remodeling a house – or even redecorating a small room – can seem like a daunting process. Ask around. You’ll hear stories, good and bad. You’ll see photos, good and bad. You’ll get referrals, good and bad.

How do you know who to choose? How do you know what to do? Decisions must be made about design, function and budget. What can be done to ensure that the remodeling story you’ll be telling your friends, when your own project is finished, will be a good one? How can you ensure that you won’t break your budget by doing it?

According to Michele and Denis Buch, owners of Boone Creek Cabinetry and Design, it’s crucial to spend the right amount of time planning a remodeling project up front.

In fact, the Buchs discuss dreams, goals and budgets with their clients in depth. Then they develop a 10-step design and installation plan before any work begins. This way their clients are empowered to make informed and realistic decisions about what they want to do, what they can do and what will be most functional within the space they have.

“The way we approach a project is through education,” says Michele Buch, who has remodeled homes for 22 years.  The Buch’s practical expertise and guidance can pay off with clients who have little experience in remodeling. For example, Michele notes that many homeowners tend to spend a significant amount of time and budget selecting higher-priced items first, like cabinetry and appliances, yet overlook faucets, which are the most frequently used item in a kitchen.

What’s Important about Faucets?

According to Michele, faucets should be considered up front, when creating the initial budget. The faucet’s features, finish, durability and design should be considered just as carefully as the higher priced items because it is used so frequently.

With innovative features like hands-free motion sensors, anti-microbial protection, splash minimizers and environmentally-friendly water saving features, faucets can make a big difference in a kitchen’s convenience and comfort. According to Michele, it shouldn’t be last thing you think about after you’ve allocated most of your money.

Custom Solutions

Boone Creek has been redesigning homes—from single room projects to 12,000-square foot goliaths—for the past 42 years, and each client is given specialized, individual care and consideration. No family will have the same focus; therefore no family needs the same design. In fact, Michele says for a recently completed project she designed kitchen islands to provide a client’s children with their own spaces for homework after school, all located within mom’s line of sight during dinner preparations.

Michele’s husband, Denis, who has 45 years of experience in design and remodeling, noted that their custom, comprehensive approach ensures that electrical and other requirements are anticipated and smoothly deployed.

Any legacy design shortcomings or structural issues are carefully considered and properly addressed in the remodel, according to the client’s unique budget and focus.

Boone Creek Cabinetry and Design is located at 764 Ridgeview Drive in McHenry, IL and can be reached at 815.385.8414. Learn more at