April 2017 Lifestyle Letter 1

A fox greeted me when I came home one evening. She trotted across the driveway and once safely in the side yard she turned, sat and eyed me warily. In my headlights I saw her luxurious coat and a full tail that flicked slightly.

Most nights right after dusk the coyotes here are in full throat. They make such a primeval racket just simply sorting out things within the pack.

Once on a clear winter day I glanced out the window to see a solo hawk making lazy circles in a bright blue sky. A few days later through the same window it was startling to see two hulking owls in a cottonwood. They perched like sentinels for much of the day, unmoving.

There are a few does in our neighborhood with bellies stretched now, carrying fawns who soon will join the rest of the herd.

All these reminders underscore we share this corner of the world with a remarkable variety of wildlife. As you enjoy this issue – our annual look at Home – let’s be mindful of all of our neighbors and do whatever we can to make life here as hospitable as possible.

When it comes to making a house a home, few companies have as much experience at remodeling as Boone Creek Cabinetry & Design, run by Michele and Denis Buch. They offer up timely advice for anybody ready for a remodeling project.

Stacey Adams of Blue Jay Paint & Blinds reminds us that a fresh coat of paint will revitalize a living space, both inside and out. Speaking of outside, take a look up. Thanks to Monica Zylinski and Gary Rogers of House Shampoo I’m noticing more and more dark streaks on roofs everywhere. Gary’s company has devised a low-pressure washing process using environmentally friendly solutions that makes area homes sparkle with new vitality.

Tim Meade is the patriarch of a family with two home improvement businesses, Reflections in Glass and American Garage Floor Systems. Learn on these pages how his family provides the finishing touches to so many area homes.

Finally, Kelli Schulte shares with us a few easy-to-apply strategies to keep stress in our homes at a minimum.

Thanks, and we’ll see you around town.