Discovering Castles in Scotland 1

Scottish Castles have long been associated with romance and excitement, and the green fields of Scotland are rife with them. From the Highlands to Dumfries and Galloway, they range from relics of the 12th century to fine stately homes designed by great 18th century architects, each making you feel that you have stepped right into a fairytale.

These magnificent icons are reminders of dynasties past, when mighty lords of the Middle Ages resided in fortresses of stone. Explore them throughout the Scottish landscape and discover their legends, their beauty and charm, and possibly encounter a ghost of a Scottish maiden, pacing the halls in search of a lost prince.

Cawdor Castle is a mythic fortress forever linked to the name Macbeth (even though the real Macbeth lived about 350 years earlier). Located near Inverness in the eastern heart of the Highlands, Cawdor was built in late 14th century as a private fortress. Once you cross the drawbridge, you’ll find a very intimate atmosphere full of antique furniture, fine portraits and tapestries, all arranged by the Cawdor family who still resides there. The castle is fortunate to have three gardens, including the Walled Garden and an intricate holly maze.

Edinburgh Castle is the most visited monument in Scotland, and with good reason. Standing tall on a wide expanse of volcanic rock, the castle dominates the sprawling capital city beneath it. Built, battered, and besieged over 900 years, the castle endearingly is the preeminent symbol of Scottish loyalty, and provides a dazzling view of the city. At one o’clock daily a cannon fires to mark the exact time.

Far away from the city lights, Eilean Donan Castle in the middle of serene Loch Duich is one of the most photogenic of all Scottish castles, and is particularly striking when illuminated at night. The first walls were erected between the 6th and 7th centuries, yet the current castle wasn’t completed until 1932.

Stirling Castle in central Scotland is another that appears as if conceived from a dream. Overlooking two of the country’s most historic battlefields, Stirling Bridge and Bannockburn, the castle’s location rivals even Edinburgh Castle’s for sheer magnificence as it sits high on volcanic rock, visible for many miles in every direction.

Historically significant and visually astonishing, the castles of Scotland are landmarks of an incredible vacation just waiting to happen. How many can you see in one trip? Lake Zurich Travel can plan an unbeatable tour of Scotland, using their connections and experience to fulfill your grandest expectations.

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