January 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Happy New Year

I like cold weather. There’s nothing like a crisp January morning with the hint of snow in the air and a slippery run to the top of the driveway to get the morning paper. A worn pair of jeans, a favorite button-down shirt and a warm sweater suits me. A pair of sturdy Doc Martens gets me around. A fading fashion sense prompts me to grab a heavy leather jacket most days. Other times when the temperature dips below freezing, I’m more likely to don a ski jacket and touque (knit cap to any non-hockey lovers).

In the fall I checked the tires to be sure the tread was good. Also bought firewood. The crockpot gets a real workout this time of year: soup, chili, pasole or stew. All foods that are simple, rich and fortifying (plus the house smells great at the end of a work day).

Prepared as we are for winter, January is time to look ahead. A few of our local experts do so in this issue, noting the trends we’ll being watching as 2017 unfolds. This is the time for New Year’s resolutions to kick into high gear; getting in shape is at the top of a lot of lists. We offer here insights on fitness apps to help meet your goals, and take a peek inside a fitness buff’s gym bag.

Last year ended well for SW Lake Lifestyle. The team expanded when Stephen Neilson came aboard as Editor. Known around these parts for his photography, storytelling and blues harmonica playing, I am delighted that Stephen’s steady hand and creative mind are guiding the editorial side of this enterprise. He’s a true community evangelist and we’re lucky to have him. Drop him a note at Stephen.Neilson@LifestylePubs.com to share ideas for stories, photos or events you want us to share with your neighbors.

Finally, while I enjoy winter, one of the wonderful aspects of living in SW Lake County is this: O’Hare is a short drive away. When a chill creeps deep in your bones it’s good to know a quick getaway to a warm beach is as near as a flight to someplace south.

Happy New Year, and we’ll see you around town.