Classic BBQ with a Twist Rocks Lake Zurich 5

Rock ‘N Ribs serves it up hot and with a beat you can dance to

Is the art of well-prepared BBQ close to your heart (and your taste buds)? Do you love the eighties and old-school classic rock? If so, check out Rock ’N Ribs in Lake Zurich. This pristine little gem is tucked away next to Lake Zurich Travel & Cruise at 463 Rand Road (southwest corner of Route 12 and Route 22).
This is a casual restaurant where ordering is done at the counter. Their rock and roll theme is strongly reflected in décor, music and menu – the more you play along, the more fun the experience. For example, the menu categories are: Opening Act (appetizers), The Band (sides), Headliner (ribs), Main Stage (other meats dishes and combo plates), Back Up Singers (salads) Sweet Encores (desserts), and a kids menu (Lil Rockers). While the menu fits on a single page, there is good variety for BBQ lovers of every stripe. Beer and wine are available, along with self-serve fountain drinks. 
Though listed as an “opening act,” the chicken wings really stole the show. At $7 for 6 and $12 for a dozen, we recommend going with the latter, as they were nearly addictive. Chef and co-owner Alice Banach uses a 3-step cooking process to create these beauties. The wings are equally sweet, spicy and supremely crispy. When asked her secret, she smiles and confesses, “a lot of trial and error.” No flour is used in the process, so her wings are not only delicious but gluten free. A great side to accompany this dish: the house made coleslaw ($2) tastes like about the freshest in all of Chicagoland.
Of course it’s impossible to talk BBQ without mentioning brisket. Rock ’N Ribs throws down its brisket sandwich for $8.50, and boy is it worth it. Alice makes everything from scratch: the rubs, the sauce and the dressings – everything. This brisket melts in your mouth, thanks again to yet another trade secret. 
For anyone planning a party Rock ’N Ribs has an extensive catering menu, and the Banachs are offering 15% off catering orders through January. (Don’t expect the discount for the Super Bowl, as last year they dished out over 2,600 wings to football fans all around the area.)
Bottom line: Rock ’N Ribs is fun to experience, and their food is both a treat and a bargain. Whether you’re bringing the family or friends, or grabbing a quick nosh on a run solo, the Banachs have created a restaurant that is downright joyful. The music is good, the set-up is smart, the place is spotless and you can taste the love in the food. No doubt: this place is Rock ’N!