New Year, New Fitness Resolutions

2017 Could Be Your Year

‘Tis the season for vowing to lose a few extra holiday pounds, or perhaps pursuing that ripped six-pack you’ve always wanted – and that means getting to the gym more often, or dusting off that home treadmill and weight machine.

How can you make sure your fitness resolutions stick?

“Be realistic in your goals and expectations,” advised Dale Perrin, executive director, Lake Zurich Area Chamber of Commerce.

Perrin is a fitness expert – prior to his career as a chamber executive, Perrin spent many years as a fitness equipment executive and personal trainer. Friends have described him as “a workout beast.” 

Perrin observed that extra weight can easily creep up on you over a span of years. Flabby muscles don’t get flabby overnight, so it’s important to be patient seeing results. You can’t fix years of neglect in just a few months, but you can launch yourself on the path to success by defining and committing to your fitness goals. 

“It’s not unusual to experience disappointment after a few months and quit,” Perrin said. How not to quit? Think of fitness results on a long-term basis, and be clear about what you want to accomplish.

“Before you do anything, know what you want to do and why you want to do it. Have a plan so you can achieve your goals,” he advised.

Perrin knows a bit about achieving goals – he was recently designated an “ACE” (Accredited Chamber Executive) by the Illinois Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives for his strong leadership abilities and his accomplishments at a local level. Only 3% of chamber executives in Illinois achieve this designation.

Perrin works out at least at least three times weekly. Those who haven’t worked out in a while may want to consult a physician first. 

While 2017 might not be your year of the six-pack, it can be a year to get stronger, leaner and healthier if you plan ahead, stay with the plan and be patient with your progress.  “To get healthy and fit, you must not quit!”