Easy DIY Sock Snowman 8

A Simple Homemade Holiday Craft

As the holidays are approaching, it is time to begin thinking about the gifts we can find for loved ones. For many individuals, finding items to gift becomes increasingly complicated with every passing year. Below is a simple gift you can make, in a matter of minutes, to give to those difficult to shop for people in your life.

Materials: scissors, a white sock, rice, rubber bands, and supplies to decorate your snowman (such as scrap pieces of fabric, markers, buttons, googly eyes, etc.,).


Step One:  Cut the foot portion of the white sock a few centimeters before the heel portion. Put aside the foot portion you just cut; you will need it to make the snowman’s hat.

Step Two: Turn the white sock portion that you did not set aside inside out.

Step Three: Close the heel portion by tightening it with a rubber band.

Step Four: Turn the sock right side up.

Step Five: Pack the sock with rice.

Step Six: Use a rubber band to tie the top portion of the sock. You should now have a sealed sock filled with rice.

Step Seven: Place a rubber band around the upper section of the white sock to form the snowman’s head. You have now finished shaping the snowman’s body.

Step Eight: Fold the foot portion of the sock, that you had set aside, to make the snowman’s hat. Place the hat you made on your snowman’s head.

Step Nine: Cut a long rectangular piece of fabric to make a scarf for your snowman.

Step Ten: Use markers, buttons, googly eyes, etc., to decorate your snowman’s body, hat, and scarf.


Tip One: Use longer socks to make taller snowmen and smaller socks to create shorter snowmen.

Tip Two: Use cotton balls to make a snowman doll for a child.

Tip Three: If you do not have rubber bands you can use string as an alternative.