Pure America

Thanksgiving. It’s been called the most American of holidays. It’s a wonderful tradition with an origin story that dates back to 1621. During the Civil War, President Lincoln sought to use Thanksgiving as a means to unify the nation by fixing the date as the final Thursday in November. Later, President Franklin Roosevelt in 1941 signed a joint resolution of Congress setting the holiday as the fourth Thursday of November. Why the date change? FDR figured an earlier Thanksgiving would provide an economic boost by lengthening the holidays. In those days, Congress working together agreed.

No matter the outcome of the elections this November, one thing is certain: we will persevere. The sun will still come up. We’ll get the kids ready for school; we’ll go to work, and we’ll meet the challenges that arise each and every day. We’ll do it knowing we have the good fortune of living in a very special place, surrounded by friends, family, colleagues and neighbors.

This month the slide toward winter picks up the pace. The lovely cover photo, by renowned Long Grove photographer Tobin Fraley, reminds us of what was, and what is coming. A solitary figure walking in any of the lovely woodland settings in SW Lake County may be lost in thought and reflection. On these pages, a collection of people from SW Lake agreed to share their expressions of gratitude. To all of them, we thank them for they remind us about all that is good.

Fall is when eating gets hearty. Our “Hot Spot” focuses on a delightfully warm spot in Lake Zurich — La Malinche — offering handcrafted meals by chef Delia Mercado. If the sun is on your mind as the seasons change, travel pro Sue Shimkus, also in Lake Zurich, offers an expert rundown on why Hawaii is always a bucket list destination.

One of my goals with SW Lake Lifestyle is to be an unwavering booster for the community. I’m joined in this mission by Helen Oliveri of Hawthorn Woods who tells us in “Parting Thoughts” why she loves living here.

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Thanks, and we’ll see you around town.