La Malinche: Here To Stay

If the newly-opened La Malinche Bar and Grill strikes a familiar note, it is with good reason. This family-owned Mexican restaurant has moved to its permanent home on Rand Road after the owners previously operated a restaurant on Liberty Street for six years.

It is easy to tell that La Malinche is a well-cared-for restaurant. Its vibrant dining room is spotless—except where locals can be seen happily feasting on the free chips and salsa. Speaking of salsa, La Malinche has four to choose from, all of which are prepared from scratch in small batches by Chef Delia Mercado.

Especially good is the salsa verde—a sauce so creamy one must question how many devilishly good, fattening ingredients lurk inside. The answer? Only olive oil, jalapeños and fresh garlic produce this seriously killer salsa.

The rest of the menu 
follows suit, putting fresh 
ingredients and 
authenticity center stage.

One of the more exciting choices is the Piña Rellena. A shelled-out pineapple is the base of this dish, stuffed to the brim with sautéed shrimp, octopus, fish, jalapeños and colorful peppers. The merriment of flavors is excellent and gives off a coastal vibe.

Another good choice is the Molcajete. One of the main ingredients is cactus. It also features chihuahua cheese, scallions, pico de gallo and choice of meat. Best of all, it is served in a hot black bowl made from volcanic stone. Very traditional.

“These bowls have been used in Mexico for thousands of years,” Chef Mercado says proudly. “They are used to crush and grind spices, and to prepare salsas and guacamole.”

The use of the stone in this dish keeps the food warm and gives it an excellent presentation.

La Malinche offers a lot in the way of fun as well. The bar showcases an extensive list of margaritas and imported beers. One wall is filled with old-school video games, and a pool table is sure to entertain both children and adults. La Malinche is a large space, big enough to accommodate birthday parties or business meetings alike.

Welcome to the neighborhood, La Malinche.