Being Grateful for All that is Good 7

Gratitude means different things to different people, but there are common themes for which we all should be grateful: family, friends, good health, good fortune, work and being in a position to help others. A collection of SW Lakers share their thoughts this month on gratitude, and in so doing, perhaps, reflect some of the same thoughts for all of us in this special place we call home.

“For me, gratitude is more than an expression of appreciation. It is a deeper awareness of thankfulness and fulfillment that can be shared. We can all practice gratitude daily by passing blessings forward and giving someone else a chance to feel grateful because of your kind gesture, encouraging words or sharing generosity.”

Pam Newton

Chief Operating Officer

Village of Hawthorn Woods

“Gratitude? My spontaneous response is to talk about family and health – but I’ve really been thinking about this word. And what I realize is my deepest gratitude is for the many diverse relationships I am blessed to enjoy. Be they my family, friends, business associates, artists or customers – each person holds a special place in the story of my life and I am grateful for each and every one.”

Rachel Perkal

Owner, Epilogue

Long Grove

“I am so grateful for my family – my daughters, Maggie and Shannon, have become world travelers and I am grateful to live vicariously through them. My son, Chris, has given me the most amazing gift — David, my grandson. Watching a new life take shape is a blessed experience. I now live in the ‘House of David,’ and while his toys are everywhere, there is nothing more precious than coming home to his mischievous smile.”

Suzanne Corr


Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce

”I am grateful for my family. To me, my family is perfect, and I wouldn’t change anything about them. I thank God for my lovely wife, Bogusia, who I met here in America and was lucky enough to marry. I am thankful for having four healthy daughters, and while some people may {laughingly} say that’s a curse, I appreciate it to the fullest. Good fortune comes and goes but a good family lasts forever.”

Jacek Malczynski

Farmers Insurance

Lake Zurich

”The last couple of years has gotten a little wacky for us. I’m so grateful for our families and our tight web of fabulous friends. Their love and support has helped us keep our eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel. Their support is indispensable.”

Phil Wertz


Lake Barrington

“We are grateful for so many things. We have each other, equally spirited kids, a wonderful community, home, jobs and church family. We have been blessed. Where others are struggling in the world, our lives have been pretty great. Where others don’t know where their place in the world is, we have found happiness right where we are. We hope we can give back to others so they can be blessed as we are.”

Dan and Dawn Patten


North Barrington

”Gratitude is a humble recognition of thanks and respect for blessings bestowed. This acknowledgement of all we have and what we have been given is foundational to a full and purposeful life. I try and exercise a grateful heart and mind every day because there is so much I am thankful for in my daily life, family, friendship, faith and freedom.”

Nick Sauer

Lake Co. Board Member and Candidate for Illinois State Senate

Lake Barrington

“I am grateful to live and work in this beautiful area with its rich history and lovely neighbors and friends. It has been such a joy to raise our family here. I am thankful to work with each member of our team and honored to build our business in this wonderful and generous community.”

Renée Clark

Broker, @properties
Barrington, IL