This month I find myself wondering how, all of a sudden, it’s August. 

What happened to June? I know July was hotter than I can ever remember but August?
Why haven’t I gone hiking or spent any lazy days in a hammock by the lake? 

I’ve realized that my focus has been so far and wide as I sit in awe of the world events. The news continues to stun me almost daily. I feel it will only get more intense with the looming battle of the presidential election and what we have to endure in the coming months of non-stop politics. 

As I’m not willing to have both my summer AND my fall disappear before my eyes, I’ve decided to make a list of the ten things I need to enjoy as we head into August. Some are simple— a picnic in the park with my nieces and a dinner out in the city, and a few will take coordinating and possibly some sweet talking: for concert tickets and lake-house weekends with family and friends. I’m adding a reminder (on my list) to focus on local and close-to-home happenings and places that me feel good about where I am and what I’m doing. I will allow myself a few daily news check-ins but I think it’s time to focus close to home.

Just the thought has me feeling more hopeful. I promise myself that this will not be a summer that got away.