Exploring the World Together 3

Family Travel Q + A

Sue Shimkus, president of Lake Zurich Travel, says…

Summer is here, and that means family experiences packed with adventure, flavor and fun. Whether you have grown kids, teenagers, small kids, adult families or multigenerational family travel in mind, here are a few questions we’ve been asked recently and some of our recommendations for the perfect vacation—anywhere in the world!

Q. Our teenagers are impossible to please. What do you recommend?

  • A. We urge you to consider an “all-inclusive” resort stay. You can have all the features of a resort, great food, delectable drinks, and unlimited activities, all included in the price. That gives the entire family the freedom to experience an amazing array of activities without stress or hassle. We love some of the Club Med’s “most inclusive” family plan programs where they really know how to manage the diverse needs of family groups, from tots to teens to adults of all ages.

Q. I want to take my two grown sons on a “sporty” vacation (and not just golf). Any suggestions?

  • A. There’s really nothing like fishing and hiking in the Canadian Rockies. The scenery is spectacular, and the angling is world class.

Q. We’re having a tough time deciding which U.S. National park to visit this year. Any clues?

  • A. Yes, and that is a great choice as our parks celebrate 100 years!  Yellowstone is great for kids, with all the animals and geysers. Yosemite is good for older kids and adults, who can climb Half Dome and appreciate the waterfalls and wildflowers. For a little more adventure, how about hiking the Appalachian Trail or camping in Maine’s stunningly bVeautiful Acadia National Park?

Q. We’re planning a big family reunion getaway. Do you have any suggestions?

  • A. We keep getting rave reviews from large reunion groups that cruise together. There’s loads to do, both aboard and on shore, great accommodations for group activities and staff that really know how to entertain and satisfy the needs of several generations in one party. Depending on your time and interests, consider a family cruise to Alaska or the Mediterranean.

Q. We want to start planning our next great family adventure. What are the hottest long-haul destinations right now?

  • A. Australia and South Africa are at the top of our list of favorites. We can take you to both places, from azure oceans to cosmopolitan cities to the wild outback. Take a fabulous safari to South Africa and travel to Cape Town and the Kapame Game Reserve. Discover Down Under with a grand journey to the Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock, and Sydney. Whether you want an experienced guide to help you navigate the new terrain or would rather venture on your own, there is a guided vacation of tailor-made independent journey just for you.

Q. Any last-minute packing tips for traveling with families?

Limit each person to one wheeled suitcase and one carry-on backpack or shoulder bag (keep one hand free to hold onto your child). Make a packing checklist for each person and let older kids be responsible for their own packing. Pack several days before you leave so you have time to remember those last minute items. Pack each day’s clothing together in outfits. Choose washable clothes that can be mixed and matched and dressed up with a jacket or shawl, and make sure shoes are comfortable and broken-in before your trip!

There are plenty of vacation options across the globe, and travel professionals are happy to help you craft the experience that fits your preferences and your budget.