18|8 Fine Men’s Salon 3

For decades, the local barbershop was where men went to get their haircut and face shaved. However, in the last few years, the number of barbershops has decreased. Ultimately, this has forced men to rely on women’s salons for their grooming needs. Often, men are referred to a particular salon because it’s where their wife or girlfriend goes to get their hair done. Most men feel out of place at a primarily all female salon. They are less likely to speak up about their grooming needs and wants. Because of this, men usually end up at the local chop shop. However, men of all ages are craving a more personal grooming experience where they can feel comfortable and get the treatment they really want but haven’t been able to find.

Luckily, concepts like 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons are changing the grooming game for men. 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons caters directly to men, offering them an upscale space with affordable luxuries like MANicures, pedicures, facial treatments, haircuts, shaves and more all in an environment that is modern, relaxing and inviting.

At 18|8 in Barrington, we have a signature lounge where men can sit back and enjoy a cold beer before getting their cuts, straight edge hot lather shaves and other treatments. Our creative team consists of licensed cosmetologists and barbers trained in men’s grooming.  Every stylist takes an individualized approach with each client. We know that men who walk into our salon are here for a reason – they are looking for customized grooming services in an environment designed just for them.

18|8 offers men the same transformative effect from which the name 18|8 comes: men leave looking their best—and feeling even better! Embracing the immense impact of the discovery of stainless steel (18% chromium + 8% nickel added to steel) on hair salon instruments and other everyday consumer and commercial usage, 18|8’s distinctive collection of upscale services are moderately priced.

And, the 18|8 experience doesn’t have to end in the salon. We offer Griff’s™, a premier product line exclusively available through 18|8. Griff’s was created for the style-conscious man who is looking to experience exemplary grooming in the comfort of his own home, with salon-quality products created just for him.

All in all, men throughout the country have a new desire to look and feel their best from their head to their toes, and grooming has become an important element of the equation. 18|8 is here to satisfy their needs. To schedule an appointment, call 224.633.2188. To learn more, visit EighteenEight.com.