I Am Mom

I am food, water and shelter.

I am warmth and comfort.

I am a jungle gym, a swing, a slide

and a crazy, carnival ride.

I am play, I am fun, I am a smile.

I am happiness and joy.

I am a hug, a cuddle and snuggle.

I am sadness, hurt and anger.

I am a punching bag and a whipping post.

I am a tissue and the tears.

I absorb all the fears.

I am a crafter, coloring artist, finger painter,

and googly eye gluer.

I am the teacher and a student.

I am the cleaning crew.

I am a laundress but not a seamstress,

I have to send that stuff out.

I am chef and a short order cook.

I am the butcher, the baker

and the freaking candlestick maker.

I am the kisser of boo boos,

BAND-aid®-applier, and ice-pack holder.

Make everything okayer.

I am a nose-picker,



and butt- wiper extraordinaire.

I am a manicurist, a pedicurist,

and giver of baths.

I am a hair washer, ear cleaner,

tooth brusher, and rash inspector.

I am a stylist and personal shopper too.

I am the good guy and the bad guy.

I am the cop and a criminal.

I am the attorney, jury, and I am the judge.

I am the warden and a cell mate.

I am a researcher, expert and advocate.

I am the doctor AND the nurse.

I am the general manager and mechanic.

I am the groundskeeper, pool boy

and maid service.

I am the plumber and Mrs. Fix-it.

Did I mention I am the cleaning crew?

I am the president and the secretary.

I am the whole marketing team.

I am the party planner, events coordinator,

and goody bag assembler.

I am the coach and referee.

I am the home team

and the opposing team.

I am a fan, a cheerleader and a heckler.

I am a taxi, a bus service and a stewardess.

I am the police, the fireman

and the paramedic.

I am the garbage man, mailman and 
everything in between.

I am the sayer of yes

and mostly the sayer of no.

I am Santa, the Easter Bunny

and even the Tooth Fairy.

I am Cupid and a little, green Leprechaun.

I am Halloween and I can be scary.

I am a cowboy, cat wrangler,

and rodeo clown.

I chase away the bulls,

when you are down.

I am the night.

I am a blanket, a pillow AND a bed.

I am a shoulder for your sleepy head.

I am a beddy-time story reader, PJ putter onner, 
tooth brusher, blanket tucker

and monster slayer.

I sneak into bedrooms to check, kiss, snuggle, 
re-tuck, apply ointments,

and medicines.

I fluff pillows, pick up laundry, fill humidifiers, 
step on your toys,

and curse in silence.

I am the watcher, the protector,

the worrier, the consoler,

and make surer you are still breathing.

I am the day.

I am the official waker-upper.

I am the milk warmer,

coffee maker, breakfast-getter,

outfit putter-onner and shoe finder.

I am the motivator,

get everyone out of the houseinator.

I am the perpetual nag for everything.

I am a parrot who repeats

the same damn things,

millions of times,

until I’m blue in the face.

I am the good guy and the bad guy.

I am loving, caring and kind.

I am also hell on wheels.

Did I mention I was the bad guy?

I am everything,

yet I am nothing.

I AM Mom.