Tailgating Takes A Different Turn

The LGAG’s Back-Seat Gallery & Trunk Show Debut

The inspiration for such an event came after an artist friend stopped at my house after an art class to show me what she had been working on, her paintings propped up in the back seat of her car. I teased her about her “back-seat gallery.”

It was fun and informal to stand there looking, laughing, and discussing art. We decided the experience would be great fun to share with others. What a simple way to set up an art show! No framing. No hanging. Just pull up, park, and open your doors!

Look. Laugh. Talk art. Talk life. Have a bite to eat. Maybe even pull out a canvas or sketchpad and do a little art together. Perhaps even sell or trade some art! At the end of the day, close the doors, wave goodbye and drive away home.

The “Back-Seat Gallery” idea was born.

This event is a Gathering of Artist Friends, invited by Long Grove Artist Guild Members (LGAG), to share art with each other and with the public. These artist friends have to have a good sense of humor and sense of adventure to be a part of the Long Grove Artists Guild’s “1st Back-Seat Gallery & Trunk Show.” Artwork will be sold through the Long Grove Arts & Music Council and 20 percent of the proceeds from each sale will be donated by the artist to this 501c3 organization.